How does OFEOY work with Showdown?

Since if you aim with a pistol you only use the one, and that’s kinda vital in Showdown for going to hit critical spots, etc, so, how does that interact?

You sorta have to chose between firing both guns or ADS with one.

There is this thing that works on PS3 (but I guess it would work on other platforms) where if you start shooting and a split-second later you start to ADS, you will fire both guns …through the same gun… if that makes sense

It works like all guns in Showdown, hipfire aims to hit and ADS ains for crits.
OFEOY acts like normal too, hipfire two guns ads one gun.
Ween using OFEOY or any hip fire in Showdown I recommend trying too position yourself so they will hit crits.
Like for example jump and hover over bandits heads so you get headshots.