How does one change their username?


As the title suggests I would like to change my username on the forums, but I cannot find a way to do so. I accidentally filled out the fields incorrectly and now my username is stuck as “des1” which was not my intention. I found one post saying to change it on my shift account and that the change would carry over, however this does not appear to have worked. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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One of the mods can do it for you - I flagged one down, so hopefully someone will ask you shortly what name you’d like to appear there. The fact that you can’t change it is an odd quirk of the system, and I’m not sure why the problem persists.


Awesome, thank you for your help!

(Influencer Guy) #4

What would you like to change it to?


I would like the username to be GanksLikeGaston please. My mistake was entering it under the “Name” field instead of “username”.


Thank you for changing that for me, I appreciate it.

(RookPrime) #7

Any chance I could get a name change to Rook_Prime? I was in the same boat about trying to find somewhere to do it and then just gave up tbh. Not sure if many others are in the same boat.


If possible I would like my username changed to Zen Master 61 to match my xbox live gamer tag. Thanks in advance

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@Rook_Prime @Zen_Master_61

I got ya both fixed up with the name you requested. Sorry about the wait, friends.

Zen - Unfortunately this forum dosnt permit spaces in user names, so i added underscores in its place. I hope that is ok.
If you would prefer it a different way, just give me a hollar.


Underscores work just fine, thanks for the help

(Amionellion) #11

Could I have my name changed to my shift name Amionellion? I thought it would update after changing it on shift. :confused:


May i please change mine to ShinyVarg?

Thank you in advance


I’ll get right on them. Gimme a sec.

Edit: Done, and done.

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it would be nice if we could change it ourselfs but its also nice to see that the mods are willing to do it

(Amionellion) #15

Awesome and thank you


No worries!

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I see you’re being kept really busy on your birthday!


No more than normal. It’s cool. Hung out in the sunshine, played BB, did stuff here. It’s not arduous.

(ACR1M0N10U5) #19

Thought changing the name in my shift account would work. Can you help me out and change mine to AcrimoniousKnave? Please and thank you!

(Watcher on the wall) #20

Got you fixed up :slight_smile: