How does one change their username?


I would like to change my username to: AnthragonVangor (since this is my PSN ID)

Thanks a lot. For any reason it showed my realname before.

Would you be so kind to change my forum user name to Gameonic.Thank you

Got you covered. You can change the title beside your forum name any time in your profile settings, which you can access by clicking on your avatar in the top-right of the forum page and selecting the gear wheel icon in the resulting drop down menu.

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How I can unlock more titles? I have only one on the list.

Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer. A user can edit the second field to anything they like (as long as it’s within the FORUM RULES). The drop-down title is reserved for custom titles created and awarded by GBX staff.

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I’d like to change my name to The Cyberbaron, or The Cyberbaron2 if available.

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I got you my dude :+1:

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Thank you. I’ll have to get used to the underscore, but oh well. Forgot about no spaces. Heh.

Would I be able to get a name change to Damn_Joe ?

It (mr. me) is thankful.

Would it be possible to have my name changed to Contavius ? Please if you find a moment =)
Thank you ahead of time!

Sure, gimmie a minute…

All done there.

I would like mine changed to MidnightNova, if possible. Thank you.

Could I get my username changed to Beedon

C’est fini.

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Can someone change my name into “Grimm-Ezgard” please?

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If possible may my name be set to ExileRadiation?

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How about pestopartyy for me?

Would someone kindly change my username to ErzaSakuretto? Tried through the shift account, but had no luck. Any input would be much appreciated.

Edit: Thank you Tokesy97