How does one change their username?


This seems like a great opportunity, if you are still acknowledging replies may I request to have mine changed to: MCDemoCo?

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Hey guys, another lost user, begging for a username change. I’d love for mine to be JollyGreenJimbo. Appreciate the hard work fellas!


I just saw this thread, and I thought it’d be nice if I could have my username changed too. It’s not bad currently, but it’d be really good if it looked a bit better: either “Kollega” if that’s not taken, or “Kollega-33” if just “Kollega” is taken.

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Got all you guys set up with the user names you wanted.

Enjoy the forums! And dont forget to give the rules a read through :slight_smile:

(KNBrisson) #25

Could I get my name changed to KNBrisson? Thanks.

(Influencer Guy) #26

Good to go!


Hate to add onto the workload here. My user name. … is my real name for some reason. Guess I was in a rush.
If possible a name change to TheConductor12. My psn name. Thank you.


Thank you!

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All set, @TheConductor12!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

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Could I get my username changed to Yosh4761 please?

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Done! Hope its as you wanted, it was my first change so I´m a bit nervous.

@Yosh4761 mentioning seems to work - let see… Ah! profile is there, paniced to early, all good!^^

(Hi, I'm Yosh!) #32

Oh thank you for the quick reply! Really appreciated!

Edit: It doesn’t seem that I can access my profile. It says it’s private or it doesn’t exist. Help?

Edit edit: Never mind. Just took a bit. Thanks again!

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No problem! :heart:

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Thats why I panicked earlier too - but it was there after a minute^^ Good that all works as intendet!

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I’d looked and filed a support ticket and everything!

Could I please get my username changed to Zarnias (like appears next to my name)?

Thank you!

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Heyhey! :heart:

I´ll change it to Zarnias now! Let me know if theres any problem, type or else^^

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I searches for this too! Could mine please become ShipToWreck to match my XBOX tag? This is my rl name and I don’t feel comfy with that.

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Sure, no problem! :heart:


Thanks so much!