How does one change their username?

(badguy5 on YouTube) #41

Thank you so much! I am much excite.

(Maya is bae ) #42

Could I get my username changed to BattleWolf13 if it’s not too much trouble

(Watcher on the wall) #43

No trouble at all, friend. All set.

(Maya is bae ) #44

Thank you very much!


Well, somehow I stumbled upon this thread. Could someone please change mine to shakejunt922? Been wanting to do it for a while.


In this case, I’d advise against it. Changing your name will unlink your current posts from your profile.


Ahhh, ok. I figured there had to be some catch, but it was worth a shot. Thanks anyway though!


I would be very grateful if mine could be changed to “QuinnMeisterGeneral” as this is the username I have on all platforms, Twitch and Youtube!

Also my current username is a little bit to real for my liking!

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #49

That would be no problem, but all previous posts you made will be disconnected from your profile… they´ll not disappear from the forums, but won´t show up in your profile anymore, so I´d recommend to think about it.

If you´re okay with that I gladly change your username!


Yeah I am very much fine with that If it changes my username from my real name! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ganjamira! :slight_smile:

(Watcher on the wall) #51

Got that changed for ya. :slight_smile:


Many thanks! Take care! :smiley:

(Mattie) #53

Hi I was wondering if I could get my user name changed to MattieCat it’s bugging me cause my gamer tag on Xbox is MattieCat and on this it’s still my old one

I’m okay with my posts disappearing from my profile.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Watcher on the wall) #54

Got that changed for ya, friendo.

(Mattie) #55

Thanks I appreciate it :wink:


Hey, would someone be as kind to change mine to " ScaryCartoons"
So it marries my xb1 gt😀
Thanks in advance, if someone can help me out.

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(Ur Boi Hen) #58

Please could mine be changed to IamLister to match my gt, thanks! :slight_smile:

(Watcher on the wall) #59

Got it changed for you.


Sorry guys, any chance of getting mine changed to professorrev?