How does one change their username?

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You have quite a few posts to your current username. Changing it will disassociate all your previous quotes to your name. You ok with that?


Thanks for the warning, but yeah, that’s fine :slight_smile:

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Righto! All fixed up then :smile_cat:


Smashing, thanks

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Hi, could someone please change my username to snusana? Thank you in advance!

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Got ya covered :slight_smile:

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A pity that one can’t change their username by simply walking into Mordor…

But for those of us that wish it in the future, now we know. And knowing this is half the battle.


By any chance could you change mine as well? I would like it to just be “LeoTekkenfan”


If LeoTekkenfan doesn’t work, a simply The_LTF would work just fine. =)


Got you sorted, with that second choice.


Thank you SOOO much, I greatly appreciate it =)

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@The_LTF: Another Tekken fan?:


Yup, Howdy! ^^


Could I possibly get mine changed to DoctorOswin? Don’t really like rocking my name as my username.

When I made the account I never considered the forums. :confused:

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Hi, could I have my name changed to Darkstar Darin please?

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Yes you may.

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Could you change mine to Geonessary? Pretty please and thank you :slight_smile:

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It would seem Geonessary is taken. Want to change it up a bit or add numbers to make it a bit more unique?