How does one change their username?

Done, although I almost changed it to Lotus123 by accident (and sheer familiarity).

Hi could I get a name change to Navi12 or Nav12 if that’s taken? Thank you

Name change successfully navigated!

I thought my username was set to the same name as my shift display name, which it is not. I’d like to have it changed to MayverRay if possible. Thx

Fixed. That seems to happen with some browsers, where it autofills the Username from your email address, leaving you with the Name field only. Not sure why - if that didn’t happen, this thread would be a heck of a lot shorter.

I need my username fixed to : CcherylBella to match my PSN anShift account… Thank you very much.

Good to go!

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Hey! :slight_smile: Can you change my username to : ForeverKrypto? When I made this acc I was young and dumb and may or may not used elements of my real name, and ever since then walking the walk of shame. Thanks in advance!

Kryptographic hash applied successfully.

Is there a way to do the name change where its not listed publicly? Some of try to keep real life ID/Name separate from what we use in the gaming world sometimes just for privacy and sometimes even for safety reasons.

Just tell me what name you want; once it’s changed the change goes into effect across the board, even on old posts.