How does one change their username?

Requesting a username change to mortar monster✌️

Can’t do spaces, so it would have to be something like mortarmonster or mortar_monster

Mortarmonster is fine

Good job I remembered to copy-paste, otherwise you might have come out as Motormamma…

Erm ok :ok_hand:

If possible could I get my user name changed to Drofwilus? Thanks :slight_smile:

All done.

I would like my username changed to Creepiz, if possible.

Unfortunately, that name is already taken.

Can you tell what e-mail the username is tied to? My original email was [redacted].

If I can’t get Creepiz, what about Creepizthe1st?

No, it wasn’t that email address. Got you fixed up though.

Awesome! Thanks!

Hi, I’d like to change my forum display name to match my Shift and Epic name: DONNYBROOK90

Thank you


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Thank you kindly!

Hi there, don’t remember if I chose that username myself or if it was just derived from my @ address, but if possible, I’d like it changed to my usual forum name, which is: phleX

As you wish!

Much obliged :+1: