How does one change their username?

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For some reason I have two SHIFT accounts, is there a way to merge them or just delete the other so that it’s available?

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Found your old inactive account and deleted it, freeing up the user name you requested :slight_smile:
All set.

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Nvm, I logged in to that account and found out I can just change it, so I changed it’s username and then logged into this one and changed it. Thanks though, you guys work impressively fast!

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That works too. Thanks a bunch!


Hi, I tried changing my username through my shift account and it doesn’t seem to be transferring over.

Could it be possible for one of the mods to change my user to: ShadowHaven

Thank you in advance.

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Yessir. Got that done for you.


Holy crap thats awesome. Thanks a lot.

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Wow, people are easily pleased these days :wink:


I think that was a response to Derch’s quick action.


Most websites don’t let you change your username is all.

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Says the guy who spammed my CBA thread for likes…:wink:

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I don’t know what you’re talking about…
exits thread

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Hey man, y’all got any more of them name changes? I’d like for it to be Tha-Fever, as my shift name is, but for some reason it hasn’t switched over?

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Thank You!

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LOL, y’all got name-change fever…


Could I get mine changed to Onitensei2 if you would be so kind.

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Indeed. Done.

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Is there a way mine could be Panthers1102 or something pretty close to that so I can stop being called scratson, which is a family joke sooooo.


I’d advise against doing so, as it will detach you from your posts. You have quite a lot of them! It’s a better option for new users rather than established forum users.