How does one change their username?

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I understand but I really hate being called what my parents call me

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Well, as long as you understand the consequences.

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Thank u. Very much appreciated


In much the same way as what appears to be many others, I clearly done goofed! Any chance mine can be changed to OneSicBunny, please?

Much rather that than my real name (I’ll be honest, I don’t even remember setting it). I believe I only have the one post so far. Many thanks in advance! :grinning:


Sure. No problem.

If you’re cagey about your email being displayed as your name (as distinct from your username) go to preferences and edit it into something different.


Thanks! I was trying to navigate on my phone, which probably didn’t help matters. Think I’ve got it sussed now. Cheers again!

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Another user asking to change username:

Perfect name would be: The_J5




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Thanks a lot!

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A formal request (i’m even wearing PANTS) to change my username to bergz4lyfe, please.

Also, sorry for the necro-thread.

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As is mentioned above in several instances, changing your username will detach your post history from your account.

There is no way to circumvent this, are you sure you want to go ahead with this? (Asking since you do have a lot of posts which you may not want to lost the connection to).

As was mentioned by Psychichazard a few posts above, it’s better for newer users rather than established ones so I’m just double checking this is a decision you definitely want to make.

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Ah… I GUESS i’ll pass then. I don’t really care about my posts, but i just realized that it would confuse the people who know me on here. Thanks for the warning. Can you close that irrelevant “goodbye” thread of mine though, please?

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The one in the “off-topic” section?

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Yes, sir.


Can I be Axtonmania as per my steam handle? Thanks :smile:

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No problem! Just keep in mind a renaming will disconnect your profile from your post-history.

Do you want it anyway?



AxtonMania please. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve a weird question – if one decides to change their name from, say “Alpha >> Bravo”, all posts (as Alpha) will be disconnected from their account, correct? If they choose to change back from “Bravo >> Alpha”:

  • can they change their name back, or would they have to subtly alter it with differentiation?
  • if they can change back to their original username, would all posts attached to their original username that had been severed upon the account’s username alteration be reattached to their account, akin to how an amputated limb can be surgically reattached? (Forgive me for the squishy analogy, guys…)

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A name change to EldritchArcana would be swell.

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Name change please Tbear74, I “fat fingered” and got Q in there
Thank you