How does one disrupt a Tink Turret build?

When a Tink dives into a trash pile and starts the process of building a Tink Turret, is there any way to disrupt that process?

You can see it rummaging around and bits of trash flying, but I have not been able to stop the turret completion by shooting or grenading.

Has anyone stopped a Tink Turret from being competed?

I don’t think you can…

Do they shed DoTs when they dive in? If not, maybe a DoT applied before the dive that killed them before completion might stop it?

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Nope you can’t the only way to prevent it is getting the kill before they disappear. Once they’ve started that little hustle toward the pile they are going to create that turret no matter what unless they die.


I think the only counterplay is to outright kill them before they reach the buildable area. Or luck up and freeze them with cryo then kill em.

Once they dive in and start rummaging underground there is absolutely nothing that can be done. At least not that I know of and I’ve tried literally everything I could think of.

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You can interrupt with a knockback by either a shotgun, granade or slide tackle them. They normally won’t run towards the pile again after getting back up.

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When you see them running while screaming like Jabber they are going to the nearest trash pile to build a turret , if you can melee them they are temporarily stopped.

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Turrets are like varkid eggs… Let them appear, easy kills and more xp for you.

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