How does one get their password back

(JustinFerrol) #1

I created my shift account on a super strict school account not knowing that it wouldn’t receive anny emails from gearbox when I was too young to understand that would happen… I have been looking all over for my password and still can’t find it, I’ve tried everything… I even sent a message to gearbox asking if they could reset it. I’m not just some random old guy trying to get someone’s account, I’m 18 and I just want to reset my password and swap the email I have my account linked with

(How much time do we have?) #2

Quick question - how did you do that? Do you have a support ticket number at all?

Going to page @Noelle_GBX and @GeekVersusNerd, since they are in a better position to look into this.

(JustinFerrol) #3

I do have a support ticket I even got an email saying they have been notified @VaultHunter101

(How much time do we have?) #4

OK Hope you manage to get this sorted out!

(GeekVersusNerd) #5

Hi Justin,

If you already submitted a support ticket, someone with our customer service team should be able to assist you. Sadly there is nothing I am able to assist from my end, as our customer support team will need to work with the SHiFT team directly.