How does one Rath?

I see Rath players going really well but I’m having trouble with him. I’m hitting for decent damage but not getting the kill. I usually get swarmed before I can make any impact. Early days yet but I played closed tech test and was doing fine. Any tips from Rath players who are getting the job done?

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Don’t know if you still need help on this, but Rath performs best as a Jungler/Assassin combination, not a frontliner. If you keep to a lane in Meltdown or hang around the minions in Incursion, you’re sure to get lit up quick. Use location and positioning to your advantage, farm shards to buy attack speed/sprint speed gear, get the thralls for some extra XP, and gank players when you’re able.

Rath performs best when his enemies aren’t aware of him, so you should be focused on sneaking about as much as possible and largely sticking to the shadows. By the time they know you’re there, you should already have popped your tremendous damage. Getting skilled with him isn’t too bad, you just need to keep to your role.


Cheers mate, all good tips. I’ve been generally following this style and have gotten the hang of it a bit more through a few matches.
Mainly playing Oscar Mike now, enjoying him quite a bit and i’m far more effective pushing lanes, though still give Rath a run here and there.

Might as well add on to this a bit.

Rath loves 1v1 fights. His sheer dps along with silence and slow effects being applied through his skills will allow Rath to easily take on most enemies should they be by themselves. Never engage an enemy when you are outnumbered. Rath is incredibly squishy and life steal is only enough to win the 1v1 encounter. This honestly cannot be stressed enough, choose your battles very carefully.

Further adding on to this, I want to mention that tanks and characters with better mobility than you are some of the last characters you want to go up against. Tanks like Montana and ISIC can simply outlast you while characters like Cald and Benedict can just escape with their double jumps and retaliate accordingly. It is important, especially early game, to pick on other squishies almost exclusively. Characters like Oscar Mike, Orendi, Marquis, and other assassins should be Rath’s top priorities when looking for kills. Not only will taking out those characters make it easier for the rest of your team to advance, but it will give you a quick exp boost which allows you to get Dreadwind for some quick and easy kills late game.

Shards are your friends. Rath’s speed allows him to blaze across the map with ease, so why not grab shards when waiting for a good moment to strike? Building turrets to distract enemies isn’t a bad idea either. Rath loves anything that makes it easier for him to sneak in for a quick blow and turrets tend to do the job well.

Do not be afraid to run. As mentioned before, Rath is incredibly frail. Things can go from good to bad in an instant if you aren’t paying attention and it’s important to spot any potential threats and retreat immediately. Don’t worry too much about the enemies pushing in your absence either. After all, if you stayed, and died, they would get to push anyways, and you would be stuck looking at a respawn timer.

Lastly, keep a close eye out for anything that can hinder your movement speed in any way (slow, stun, etc). Rath’s only method of escape is his speed, so hinder that and you’re as good as dead. Accelerators and thumper turrets can be quite a pain to deal with because of this, so try to prioritize taking out these buildings if you notice that no enemies are nearby. Not only can it save your life, but it also allows you to chase enemies a bit farther than normal.


Rath is a late game carry. Early game minions and appropriatly timed thralls should be your focus. Once you’re level 5 you can start being a killing machine.

As a master of Rath (my first mastery /flex) and proud holder of Quads with Rath here are my tips:

Rath’s strength comes from the surprise effect, prey on the weak and lure and bait and burst.

Just stay alive for first 4 levels and do not over commit BUT do not be shy to catalytic smash into crossblades - One huge tip here is when you catalytic smash move into your opponent, you want Waveform Smash for Lvl 1 Helix (if its safe enough to get away after) and sneak in a combo then Crossblade.

Make sure you have silencing catalytic smash later on (Catalytic Flash - Level 4 Helix) and take Anger’s Echo for level 2 Helix ( 1.5 crossblade dmg - gets really strong later on when you buff crossblades).

Post Level 5, catalytic smash -> move in and start spinning (you kill at least 1 at this point) and crossblade the runaways.

And as for gear (srry i dont recall the name of the items) i use Complete Lore Challenge item (this is a must for OP Rath plays) + The sustainment necklace + Ekkuni Attack Dmg gloves (you can swap this for attack speed one)


Needs to be toned down in my opinion