How does Phoebe's legendary gear mod stack?

It says it adds 5% to all damage for each consecutive hit with true strike.

Can that stack infinitely?

Is there a cooldown?

With the crosscut mutator count as two hits?


I’ve been wondering this too.

I wish I knew. I just got this recently but haven’t used it yet b/c I have no idea how it works.

Disclaimer: I’m speaking out of speculation. I have no facts to prove what I’m saying is true.

Going off just the text, it sounds like it would indeed stack for as long as you land true strikes. But for it to stack, the text makes it sound like you would have to exclusively only use True strike. Any other attack after a true strike would more than likely reset that bonus damage. So as long as you only use True Strikes and never miss, you should be able to stack that damage higher.

But also there’s a keyword, consecutive, which in my mind implies that you can’t just hit once with True strike, wait 5 minutes and then true strike again for the bonus damage. I imagine it has a window that you have to attack with true strike again to get the buff.

That’s my speculation, purely going off on what the item text is.

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Problem w/ this is that she’s designed around using her melee combo - true strike - melee combo - true strike (you hold both buttons & it does this automatically - she’s the only one who has this afaik), so maybe it’s just consecutive hits w/ true strike on a single target, but using another attack doesn’t reset it? If it’s true strike attacks only, it makes no sense, true strike has a pause before you can use ot again, so it’s a huge self DPS nerf of a DPS assassin.

I’m of a slightly different mindset in regards to what this is supposed to mean. I’m fairly certain that by ‘each consecutive hit of true strike’ it means on that particular character since she is focused on using her melee combo. So I think that as long as consecutively and exclusively attacking the same character that damage will stack.

I played around with this a little bit myself and tested this out in a private match.

The way it works is you have to consecutively use True Strike (and no other attacks or abilities) otherwise it resets because it will apply the bonus damage to whatever other attack or ability followed it. It also doesn’t stack infinitely. I can’t recall off the top of my head, but I believe after 6 consecutive uses of True Strike (and nothing else) your next attack or ability will do 100% more damage and it stops stacking at that point . So essentially you can double the damage of any basic melee attack or ability, but that’s where it stops.

There is also a time frame that your True Strike bonus operates from. I don’t know the exact seconds, but after maybe 5-6 seconds from the first True Strike you initiate if you don’t attack anything the bonus resets.

While the initial description of the item seems awesome, it does feel a little lack luster with the damage cap and time frame penalty. Like everyone else I approached the use of this item as something that I could stack and keep in my back-pocket for a “nuke” attack, but sadly that is not the case.

I believe the intent of this to this item is to provide you with a damage spike to Phoebe’s auto-attack capabilities so long as you follow up your attacks with a True Strike. 5% doesn’t seem like a lot, but I guess it could be potent when you think about her attack speed and how often you could land a 5% buffed basic attack.

That’s my 2 cents on it anyway.