How Does Reviving With 0 Lives Work?

What I mean is, after you hit 0 lives in a mulit man team and you die, you are forced to spectate. When an extra life is obtained, one of the spectating members is revived. My question is, how does it choose who to revive?

I was in a game with 4 friends on Helix Advanced. We had an ISIC, Kleese, Ghalt, Alani, and Thorn (me). We went right, got to the crystal and 4 of us wipe, leaving ISIC to do his ISIC things. I believe I got killed first with Alani close behind me, so when a couple of lives were gained, we respawned to a hoard of Brutes and Beast masters blocking our way. Safe to say we died again shortly after our Kleese gets back into things. Crystal gets destroyed and it is off to the next part. Naturally, the wrong choice was made and they run across the middle section. ISIC stands and fights like a gun while Kleese just books it. ISIC dies and Kleese gets another extra life.

Here is the confusing bit, instead of Ghalt respawning like everyone expects, I come back in. We somehow get enough lives for everyone to revive, but I think Ghalt was last.

This shows there is no “Revive” queue to determine who is up next, so what determines it?

It could be score? Least deaths? Go to match history and check the stats would be my advice.

Well, I havent had a scenario quite like this, in my experience it always went in order…it’s possible you guys encountered a glitch. I’d love to hear more people’s stories so we can figure it out.

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Agreed. Any other stories that sound like mine would be great to hear. Maybe it was a glitch. I just know that was the second most fun I had on Helio, we got to the lasy set of spawns as the timer ran out, and it felt like we really had a chance at coming back.

Story times are awesome!

@JoeKGBX Maybe someone official could chime in on this, it’s a very good question that I don’t think has been answered before! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it is order that people die in (first out, first back in), aka a queueing system. I have this happen often with randoms and I can say with a fair amount of certainty the guy that died before is going to get revived first. I could be wrong l, but I don’t think so.

Well, I am willing to believe that the typical case is a “first to die, first to revive.” This must have been a rare occurrence where data was stored incorrectly.

I’m no happy to not have an answer due to the fact that so far I have never died in a no extra life scenario.
I have no clue whatsoever as to how it works.

That’s fine. I usually end up in a situation of “YOU GET AN EXTRA LIFE! YOU GET AN EXTRA LIFE! EVERYONE GETS AN EXTRA LIFE!” Or a complete wipe before we can get any extra lives to bring people back.

Just a strange experience where something didn’t seem to be working as intended, but might just be a rare occurrence. As long as we all walk away learning something new (useful or not useful is up for debate) is all that matters. Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for dropping by.