How does Reyna charge an ally's shield?

Shield Booster : “Applies an overshield to target ally that blocks up to 225 damage over the next 8 seconds. While applied, Plasma Pulse can charge the target’s shield.”

I’ve been having trouble understanding how it works , but I just can’t grasp on the idea.

You give an overshield to an ally , right ? so do I charge their overshield or their regular shield with the plasma pulse ?
I hope its the overshield , because ( if it is like that ) , you can maintain that overshield on an ally while his taking damage.

But I just don’t know how it works .
Seriously , how DOES it work ?!?!?!?

it adds an extra layer of shield that can absorb up to 225 damage for 8 seconds. if 8 seconds go by the shield disappears. whenever you put a shield on an ally it also puts a shield on you too.

edit: oh sorry missed something important. disregard my answer. please dont hate me…

actually i too would like to know if it charges the shield or overshield. I actually never knew this ability existed

it looks like old beta or alpha Reyna did that. Not anymore.

Tooltip still indicates the abitily though. I’m pretty sure Reyna can not charge friend’s shield anymore.

Oh really? Rats gonna change my playstyle then. Pretending it still can (:sweat:), it would charge their actual shield, not the applied overshield

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It still works. Just did it a few days ago when I did some testing for a thread.


YAY. Thanks.

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Im confused, whats the question?

If is charge the shield (blue regular shield) of a friend, shoot your plasma pulse on an overshielded ally.

You can fix the shield of shane (or anyone with a shield) if she overshield herself, Shepherd overshield or reyna overshield.

You can “heal” his/her shield while is being attacked as long as he/she has an overshield even if is 1 point.

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Yep, thanks god I was wrong! Love Reyna.

I stoped doing it and using her legendary because is so ■■■■■■■ hard to hit a competent friend who is evading in combat.

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Wait, it charges their NORMAL shield, well that changes everything if yes

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I just tell them to STAND THE FCK STILL!!*

Right, @AncientBelgareth, and your thrice-blasted bouncy, always-in-need-of-healing-but-for-some-reason-never-dies Thorn?


Her legendary gear lets you heal by shooting plasma pulse in at your allies . so its kinda the same thing

Eh, sometimes I listen :wink:

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Yeah, charging the overshield would be far too strong

Ok, I’m going to start using that then lol

It would be like Miko, but for overshields.

Except that multiple buffs are given in tandem with her overshield. Otherwise I’d agree

Uhhh , how I wish it was MUHAHAHAAHH