How does she deal with The Sentinel?

Seriously, the Sentinel seems to be designed to kill aurelia. No crit spots, can’t be frozen, thats two thirds of her skills useless. Since the last third is getting someone else to do it, I am really at a loss on how to beat this guy in solo. I just can’t hold enough Grenades to kill it’s first form, when you cant get second winds.

Not having any semblance of trouble on the Empyrean sentinel unless you count getting up to the one sided slaughter.

Assuming we are not talking raid version, since I have not done that …

I stuck with the center skill tree mostly and a few off of each of the others.

Spamming shock transfusion gernades and a lvl 60 Moxxie’s Vibra got me through. It is not a sure thing, but doable more times than not. I also have a variety of other nice weapons, but seem to always need the health off of the Virba so it seems to be in my hands a lot.

A lot of hiding behind the pillars and hoping the guardians are there for 2nd winds.

Don’t shoot at the Sentinel while bullets are being bounced back (twirling the staff thing), or while rising up and immune (wastes ammo), and dodge the novas.

I go ahead and throw the shard. I dunno if it hurts the Sentinel, but it can get health off of the guardians around the area.

I believe it has to go through the 3 shield depletion phases. I don’t think there is any way around that, but maybe I missed a video where someone has.

Yeah, the Empyrean phase seems simple compared to the first. The first can just slap me down like a bug.

Really a lot of builds, info, and videos from better players than me here. Check 'em out.

I can’t tell you how many people I still see bathing in the sentinel’s nova blasts.


And yea. The second half of the battle, when he has a huge face, features easy crits. The first half, much harder to crit.

Any kind of shock grenade/gun/damage/skill should help. For example, Lady Hammerlock has a skill that makes shields less strong against Ice.

There’s no decently fast and safe way using Aurelia’s Toolkit at this encounter. If you wanna do it in under 10 mins, you’d have to resort to the lame sham + badaboom + logan’s gun thing as seen in the Video Guide. Vibrapulse takes at least twice as long.

  • big turtle shield + eddy oz kit + rosie(when shield is down)
    and a lot of running and jumping around !
    raid version takes only longer running and jumping
    good luck
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I just used a shock bullpup in the first playthrough and annihilated him

I’m playing Aurelia right now and I’m at the end of 1st play-through so soon I’m soon to be in this situation. Thank you everyone for your helpful advice and @Cowthulhu46 for posting this question. I was wondering this myself.

I have a couple of questions, and please forgive me if they are noob or stupid questions.

  1. Is this fight very difficult even in 1st play-through?
  2. Where do you farm the suggested weapons in the above posted strategies?
  3. I have the low level Vibrapulse , does that help or do I need to acquire a higher level one?
  4. How do you reacquire the Vibrapulse (legitimately) at higher levels? I’ve heard it mentioned a few times on different thread but not how to acquire it.

Thanks in advance for your replies :wink:

Short summer and whatever the skill is called that lets her regen health by dealing cryo damage. It’s not perfect, but it really helps. That, and add the health regen moxxtail. I think people got the wrong idea about it. It’s supposed to be supplemental, not make every character a bullet sponge.

I haven’t played as Aurelia on UVHM yet, the above I have tested on TVHM (and it worked). For UVHM I suppose a gun that is usually offset by poor accuracy augmented by Duchess would work nicely.

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  1. On normal, not terribly. If ill equipped/first time ever fighting it, then you may have some difficulty. Just be aware when you’re very close to be putting in to FFYL and either A) keep a guardian alive to get a second wind off it and B) move closer to said guardian when you know this will happen so you can make more of your shots connect.

  2. Bullpup can only be gained if you have BL1 save data. I think you start making a new character, but before finalizing it and starting in Helios, you quit, then load up the character you actually want said item on. The Rosie is a mission reward for beating the game on TVHM, so it wont be something you can use on normal. Badaboom, Logan’s Gun and any other legendary is probably going to come from the grinder.

  3. Not certain if it’s still effective. I’ve never really used it. Always found other guns that worked better.

  4. On UVHM it all depends on what level you are when you open the chest to get it (assuming you are alone in your own game). You could possibly get it at a much higher level on TVHM if your current level is way higher than it should be. Not sure how on normal.

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Thanks for your replies to my questions!

I have really good equipment (from my Nisha and farming the vending machines) and since I already beat it with Nisha NVHM, I kind of know what to expect as far as what the Sentinel does.
I have lots of point in the cryo tree, including Short Summer and Healing Touch. I will also do what you about the health regen Moxxtail. I used the ammo regen one with Nisha a few times.

Hopefully it will go well.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Something I hugely miss in Borderlands 2!