How does shock and electrocute damage stack?

Say I’ve got a shock infinity and the only shock/electrocute damage modifier I have is Wires don’t Talk. when I shoot an enemy, I’m assuming the damage is card damage * 1.15 (aka the shock damage buff from WDT).

If/when it procs a DoT, I’ve always assumed both shock and electrocute damage would be counted so it would be more like card damage * 1.15 * 1.15. Is this correct or does it only count 15% once for the electrocute buff?

Where does a shock bone or evil enchantress come into play? Any help is appreciated!

Shock is an initial damage type. Electrocute is the corresponding status effect or damage over time. A good place to start for understanding how things work together is the gun damage formula:

(Note: although that’s for TPS it’s the same formula as used in BL2, but with cryo instead of slag). I’ll leave it to someone with more intimate knowledge of how that all plays together to go from there!

I finally did some testing with a shock bone, legendary catalyst mod, and wires don’t talk (i have no way to use kill skills so couldn’t test evil enchantress).

For actual shock damage (aka the bullet impact), the formula so far is (Bone+Wires). the catalyst mod doesn’t actually improve shock impact and only handles the DoT aspect.

For Electrocute damage (aka shock DoT), the formula is (BoneCatalystWires). It’s a little weird that impact adds bones and wires while the DoT multiplies them. to one of my main questions, no wires don’t talk is not double counted or anything like that. when you have 15% on the skill, thats what you input into the formulas.

If I had to guess, I’d expect evil enchantress to only increase the DoT damage and it be multiplicative to the formula giving (BoneCatalystWires*Evil) but can’t gurantee it.

The bones boosts two separate stats equally and so does wires don’t talk. (the impact elemental multiplier and the DOT elemental multiplier ) . They stack additively ( the DOT elemental multipliers also stack with COMs adding burn/electrocute/corrode damage )

So if you have 20% (electric AND shock) from electric bone and 15% (electric AND shock) from wires don’t talk and a Zapper COM 25% shock damage:
electric damage multiplier = 1 + 0.2 + 0.15 (impact , rolls to apply DOTs)
shock damage multiplier = 1 + 0.2 + 0.15 + 0.25 (DOTs)

For DOTs you have an extra multiplier made of ( 1 + BAR DOT damage + Catalyst/Legendary Catalyst COM team DOT damage + Evil enchantress kill skill )…

Would have made a thread with precise test numbers, only DOT damage is not consistent / repeatable / has small RNG variation which makes such test/proof impossible …