How does short summer work?

So how does that skill exactly work?

Like let’s say I have 200 stacks that are -1% each applied to a shield with a recharge delay of 10 seconds. Would that knock it down to 8 seconds?

At 200 stacks, the bonus would be -200%, not -20%. This would mathematically result in a recharge delay of -10 seconds which is obviously impossible, so it would assume this just means the shield would have no recharge delay. I.E.: the shield would be constantly recharging, which is awesome.

True… so really you should get always recharging shields from 100 and up.

At 5/5, at least. Any higher than 100 stacks and you would just be getting more cooldown rate.

The description of it is so nebulous –

“… dealing cryo damage while cold as ice is active grants a stack of short summer …”

How would the stacking work with, for instance, cryo bullpup shots versus a continuous beam cryo laser? Because the description is so vague I haven’t used it. For people that have, is it easy to get stacks?

with sniping not so, since you’re rather far away for all your cryo skills to trigger. With a close to med range weapon, besides the cryo dmg from your gun you got your bitter riposte dart, maybe that winter’s veil nova, the singularity pull, the extra shards, and maybe some cryo grenades and that puts you easily over 100 in crowded areas.

I can’t quite tell how much it boosts shield recharge, since I use a shield with 1s recharge delay anyways to trigger the riposte dart as often as possible.

Wouldn’t it be about 3.33 seconds? Since this is reduction we’re talking about, then it would use the Borderlands multiplicative math formula, aka (recharge delay) / (1 + bonuses). 10 / (1 + 2) = 10/3, or 3.33 if we’re rounding it out.

Is that how it works? It makes more sense the way you described. I was wondering if what I said was complete twaddle. Still, that amount of shield recharge delay reduction is monstrous…

Its pretty easy to get stacks for me. I use shotguns (mainly Bogunella and Bullpup) and average 40 at least, but mostly between 70 and 100. On a big mob, I can get in the 150s.

I don’t know how it effects recharge since I use a tediore quick shield.

Don’t think you get multiple stacks for multi-pellet weapons, as far as I can tell anyway. Stacks are really easy to build up, I’ve gotten to ~170 many times, but everything is usually dead before then.

That’s the correct formula. Accuracy bonuses work the same way. Even with [incredible high number]% accuracy bonus you’ll never reach 100 accuracy with a gun which doesn’t have it (100 accuracy) from the get-go. Those bonuses are more effective when using guns with low accuracy. The same is true for shields. Shields with a huge recharge delay will get more out of recharge delay bonuses.

Damage Reduction and Action Skill Cooldowns also use the same calculation and are often calculated wrongly.

Also,all of above suffer from dimishing returns:

For example:If you go from 0% to 50% damage reduction,you will get 33.3% damage migration.

But if you go from 200% damage reduction to 250% you will only get somewhere around 5% of extra damage reduction.

Correct. But as I wrote here:

Ok, so forgive the ignorance, but I just want to make sure I have this right in my head. If I have 2 second recharge delay and10/5 short summer and 30 stacks would it be calculated like this: 2/((2*.3)+1) for 1.25 end recharge delay?

Yes, I believe that would be correct.

I assume it actually works like the damage resistance modifier. Where it’s 1/[1 + (percentage decreased)].

So in the given example you’d have 1/[1 + (2.00)] = 1/3 of the original 10 seconds or 3 seconds. Could be wrong on this, but it makes sense as to avoid getting nonsensical recharge values.

As for the stacks, I dunno. Cold as Ice seems to be the best way to gain them. Just keep switching targets to proc the singularities and shards, while using a cryo grenade, oz kit, and weapon of course.

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