How does someone join if you are set to Invite only?

Rando joins my game when I am set to invite only??

How does this happen??

He was fine and we played a while together but I was trying to farm…and he wanted just normal play.

If it’s PC, perhaps it has something to do with Epic/Steam crossplay?

I’ve joined in a friend’s game one time without an invite, but you have to have a friend in your group with their world set to open.

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Yea happened just yesterday,… :rofl:

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Oddly enough I had this happen to me back in Bl2. I was working on clearing all the achievements or some similarly arduous task so had game set to invite only so I wldnt b interrupted or waste anyone’s time during sporadic afks to break up the tedium. Deep into the slog I was unexpectedly visited by some rando. Being fairly certain of my settings but not unwilling to concede the faint possibility of a mistake considering my brain had become entirely soup at this point, I apologized for having to bail so soon but maybe next time…yadda yadda…n exited. Setting were still correct but I thought whatever just a fluke. Next day I continued after double checking settings n it happened again, even same dude. I was now a lil suspicious but still benefit of the doubt so told dude wut my plan was n just kept rolling maps. He didn’t say anything iirc but just hung out for the grind soaking up xp n loots. Odd as it all was he wasn’t disruptive so f it. Another day another grind n no ■■■■ he pops up again. At this point I just assumed he must b using some exploit I hadn’t encountered b4 n clearly I cldnt do much about it atm so figured I may as well friend him since at least he was chill. Eventually after some more chill sessions I asked him about it n apparently he was a fresh noob n had just been looking for coop n kept finding me…
From there things continued on n everything was normal onward, nvr experienced it again…


Has happened to me twice in the last 3 days…

Random guy out of nowhere all of a sudden is in my game, yet I am set to invite only.

Something up…