How does The Cradle perform on Claptrap?

Currently I’m using a standard purple Tediore Shield with the lowest delay and highest recharge rate I was able to find. So far this thing does a good job. But I recently got a The Cradle and I wonder what’s your experience with and opinion on this shield.

Since I love to play close range with Clappy I almost killed myself twice due to the explosion. The additional damage is nice, especially on frozen targets but I’m undecided if this is worth the drawback (risk of killing yourself).

Its the worst shield BL2 and TPS.

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You mean the Asteroid Belt? If so, it’s freakin’ awesome (it’s tricky to time, but it’s quite fun to shatter frozen enemies with the fireball, for example, it definitely kills enemies, and I like the risk/reward tradeoff). Is there a shield called “The Cradle” in TPS?

I use an alkaline quick shield and it seems to do the job. I think any quick shield would be a better choice than a cradle though.

If the Cradle had stats similar to a purple Tediore shield and higher damage on grenade, it could be great. I don’t know for lv60 , but on lv50 it does around 10k damage, so at lv60, it should b er something around 25-30k, still to little to be good.
To be honest, Timothy is the only one that can make any use of the Cradle . Still, Nova shields are a much better choice. Or the Asteroid Belt.

Oh, crazy, The Cradle is back, I thought they “fixed” it, and renamed it as the Asteroid. I’m all for finding a workable niche for every piece of gear, but The Cradle was tough (even with a 5-level buff). Of all the gear they ported to TPS, I’m surprised The Cradle made the cut, given that it was almost universally reviled by the community.

That could be why they included it. :wink:

I find that the best use of the Cradle is to feed it to the grinder.

Do you mean the skill that lets his minions use his shield? That seems fun!

Exactly. You have my shield is the skills name. Funny? Yes, but every green nova shield does a better job in my opinion.

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How does The Cradle perform on Claptrap? Still poorly, much like the others. As said before, Jack can possibly get some use out of it, but even then it is situational.

Never use a cradle for any reason, ever. It is grinder fodder, plain and simple.