How does the fast-travel station list work?

Alright, previously I always thought the list you have after having been everywhere is hardcoded to be in that order but then again I’ve always tended to do things in a certain order. However I recently did DLC in a different order and my fast-travel list after that is in a different order than usual. Since the only sorting are default or alphabetical which I don’t like I became curious as to whether or not there is any way to manipulate the default so that the areas appear in some sensible order?

I’d really like it if I could have Sanctuary appear at the top, the main game after that, the campaign DLCs in order after that instead of before everything and not having the headhunters be all over the place in random order. Does anyone have any experience in manipulating this list after a reset to make it at least a bit more sensible and ordered? I’d really like that.

Alternatively (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask this but…) since I’m on PC is there anything I can fiddle with to force the list to be in some specific order?

I’m on console but for me Sanctuary tends to be on top if my character has been to all dlc and HH packs at least once. I get the Tiny Tina dlc next, then Mr Torgue, Capt Scarlett and Sir Hammerlock- the HH packs seem to appear in the order that I visited them…

My Zer0 did HHs in order after everything else IIRC and they are pretty much scattered inbetween the other DLCs with 2 of them appearing between Sanctuary and Claptrap’s place, in the wrong order too. Sanctuary is after all the DLC’s except those 2 headhunters that just randomly are after it.

My Maya did all headhunters before any other DLC and she has the first 3 on top of the list in the right order but then the last 2 are just somewhere in the wrong order again.

Since the number of areas to travel to in this game is so large and everything is on the same page I’d really appreciate at least having them appear in an orderly fashion but that’s not the case at all. BTW I also remember having Sanctuary always at the top on console, now that you mention it.

For some reason, I think it’s just one of the DLCs (Torgue, I think) that scrambles the usual order of maps. If you play another after that, they go back to their “regular” order? It’s been a long time, but I remember being vexed by that when it first happened.

With the other one I did DLC campaigns in order then Headhunters in order and vice versa with the other character. So in both cases I’ve played another DLC after Torgue yet my lists are in different orders and in both cases quite far from what I’d wish them to be (especially the HHs being scrambled around the list). I’ve also been back to main story areas after them.

EDIT: So much repetition of the word “order” in my posts. I can’t think of another word to use in it’s stead.

How does it work? One transporter malfunction at a time.

Seriously, tho, I thought it was in the order you hit it…

Eventually the dlc and HH areas move ahead of the main campaign areas- I think it depends on either which of them you visit first or maybe how often you visit them… Now that I think of it I’m going to make a list of the new guys fat travel and the quests they have open vs my OP8 characters and see how they compare…

‘fat travel’, lol…

I tend to just use the alphabetical order and for Sanctuary I just click on the map. It took me too long to figure out that I can resort alphabetical, so some of the locations are just burned into my brain. :wink:

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[quote=“vardemis, post:9, topic:1551111”]It took me too long to figure out that I can resort alphabetical[/quote]WHAT?! It’s apparently taken me way too long myself.

*fires up Steam

edit - HORY SHET! For those of you with a keyboard, just press Q. I’m accustomed to the current sequence now, but that’s very good to know!

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5000 hours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, and I can’t believe I didn’t even try to sort them (since Q works in other menus).


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It’s ok, I only recently worked out you can use Page Up / Down to navigate the badass rank list… there was a lot of scrolling before that :dukefp:

You can even press home / end to instantly go to either end.