How does the Mr. Synchro Link work?

Would test it out now but away from home right now. Here’s a pic, stolen from the Battleschool rewards thread:

Is it affected only by accelerators and supply stations? Or just supply stations? Or is it also affected by turrets?

Elite Bots probably don’t make it proc or anything even though they technically are buildables. I feel like this would be a good legendary for Kleese or really any builder character. Oscar is also good for this stuff, and especially Pendles.

My guess would be Supply Stations, Accelerators, and Repair drones when they do their emergency pulse. If it counts enemy buildables, I would guess enemy Temporal and Flash traps, as well as Temporal drones, would make it proc.

I more wonder if it may proc with “skill-buildables” as well, like Ernests Egg, KU´s drones, Kleese´s Rifts or Ambra´s Sunspots.

If it does, then it is very evil and I need it asap! :smiling_imp:

Something tells me it doesn’t have synergy with skills. Cautiously optimistic though. :innocent:

Ok, I know now for a fact that it works for supply stations and accelerators, but not turrets or elite-bot shots. I didn’t think of deployed skills, but I doubt that works. I will test that tonight.