How does the plunkett work with silver lining?

So the way silver lining seems to work on most rifles is a shot is fired consuming 1 bullet. That shot kills an enemy and puts a bullet back into the mag so you effectively break even in terms of how much ammo is in the mag. Would the plunketts drawing from ammo pool ability allow you to actually gain bullets in the mag?

I haven’t tested yet, but I think Silver Lining will help mitigate missed shots with the Plunkett. So, provided you are a mostly good shot, Silver Lining should ensure that you never have to reload.

It works as I thought, silver lining with the plunkett allow you to end with a net gain in terms of number of bullets in a mag when you kill an enemy. So if I have 2 bullets in the mag and I crit kill an enemy with the plunkett, I will have 3 bullets in the mag.

I can see why you would think that, but the net gain is 0 whether you use the Plunkett or not.
You do not gain any extra ammo, while you don’t lose ammo either.

First you actually have 4 different things going on here: Given you one shot crit of course.

  1. Silver Lining + on a Fully-Loaded Jakobs [ammo net gain is 0]
  2. Silver Lining + on a Semi-Loaded Jakobs [ammo net gain is 0]
  3. Silver Lining + on a Fully-Loaded Plunkett [ammo net gain is 0]
  4. Silver Lining + on a Semi-Loaded Plunkett [ammo net gain is 0]

1 & 2 Silver Lining on a Purple Jakobs:
Your ammo pool and mag size is untouched. As if you never fired a shot, the mag size simply replenish itself once it detects a kill. this is true for a fully loaded and semi loaded Jakobs.

3 Silver Lining on a Fully-Loaded Plunkett:
Plunkett will take 1 ammo away from the ammo pool, even with Silver Lining. That +1 is getting added to the ammo pool as your mag size is full. Net gain is zero as the +1 to the mag size from Silver Lining is balancing out the -1 ammo loss the Plunkett is losing from its ammo pool.

I didn’t notice it stacking on a fully loaded Plunkett and actually giving me an extra sniper ammo.

4 Silver Lining on a Semi-Loaded Plunkett:
So now your Plunkett is gaining +1 to the mag size HOWEVER, you are losing a ammo from the ammo pool. But you are making up for it on the +1 mag size, so the net gain is zero. Basically the ammo is taken from your ammo pool to the mag size, look at it as a fancier way of reloading a sniper.

The only benefit to the Plunkett is on some badass enemy where you won’t kill him in a single shot, but you can still land crits without reloading. Unfortunately it is a bolt action sniper so you can’t really go to town with a high fire rate. I wish this gun was a Legendary instead of a Blue unique.

Yeah when I meant net gain, I meant in terms of the bullets in the magazine, not ammo pool. If your magazine isn’t full you will gain bullets in the mag but loose them from the pool.

Also, with Celestial Baroness giving ammo regen, it shouldn’t even be an issue.