How does the point system work actually? - Incursion

Hello guys,

I have a question: How does the point system (scoreborad) actually work?

For what we get points?

Is it really like this that you get almost only points for kills?

If I play a offensive Character its easy for me to get high points at the end but when I play a support or a healer it seems like that the game dont like me cause it rewards you not for supporting.

So what is a good way to get points when you are a healer or support?

I want to know this as well.

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2 points per kill and 1 point per assist. That’s all it’s based on. Nothing else is factored into it at all


And this is…a team game?


Yeah, I know… I don’t know if GBX plan on changing that, but there are a few complaints about it.

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They are making some changes to the scoring system in an upcoming patch. They mentioned it in a Stream and notes are somewhere on these forums. Sorry I don’t have the link.

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Fair enough. I don’t mind the scoring so much tbh. I keep my own measure of success based on total damage dealt and damage taken. It’s pointless to feel bad about my score in, for example, a pve mission with randoms yesterday where a Galilea got literally double the kills of the second place on score. I played my character right, did my part, but galilea in the hands of anyone with a few hours experience will always be at the front of the pack swinging her sword.

The overall score could be improved tbf, don’t ask me how