How does the self destruct work on Toby?

I’ve pretty much done every lore challenge for Toby but the self destruct one, I don’t understand how it works. So I was wondering if one of you guys could explain

First: Could you please include the description (of the challenge and of self destruct) in your original post?

Second: If I recall correctly, when you die, your mech explodes, dealing X damage. And you’re supposed to kill players with that?

The requirement is “Kill 20 enemy’s with Berg’s self-destruct mechinism.” The problem here is figuring out what the self destruct mechanism is.

From my experience with Toby, there is no explosion of any kind when he dies. He just goes into the freeze pose like everyone else. If it’s supposed to wait for his respawn timer to run out, any enemy that killed him has likely long since left for other opponents and a self destruct is utterly useless.

Toby’s Information page makes no mention of any self destruct feature.

In PvP, there is no “freeze”, you die instantly.

And in PvE, there’s always the option, I guess to hold the death button.

It’s his rank 9 mutagen.


It does seem a bit odd to have a lore challenge utterly dependant on a skill mutation. I don’t think that happens elsewhere?

Its almost as if they wanted to troll with Toby’s lore challenges…

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