How does this make any kind of sense?

i have an OP7 afterburner with Boost capacity at +63.8%, B. recharge at +87.8% and B. delay at -46.8, and yet, i have a level 54 afterburner with B. capacity at +76.8%, a B. recharge rate at +109.8% and a B. delay at -52.3%, where does it make any sense for a level 54 item to be so much better then an OP7 item?

My level 13 Afterburner was better than my level 72 if I recall correctly.

Relics and Class Mods are barely affected by levels, most of the changes come from the parts.

In this case the OP7 Afterburner has terrible parts while the 54 one has great parts.

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I agree it does seem strange. I still have a L65 Legendary Siren mod at OP8: just haven’t found anything better