How does this tree build look?

I made this using the skill guild on here, but I would like to hear from you guys think about this? I would like to say I have not yet plant on what gear I will use. I will decide while playing the game and see what guns I get. So please don’t ask me what guns, grenades or shields I will use, but I would like to hear from you what gear help you out with this class. also, If you wounding on why I don’t put more points in the middle tree it’s because I play on the Xbox and it seems that there are not a lot players who play this game on this system.

I’d hit it. I would miss Wreck though.

I would recommend Cloud Kill since the update

The skills you ultimately end up taking for a build are at least somewhat influenced by your gear, or more specifically your Class Mod. Most Legendary Class mods modify skills by up to +5. Some of those skills only really need 1 point, if the Class mod adds 5 points to the skill or skills. Examples include be Accelerate and Mind’s Eye. If you use a Class mod like the Legendary Siren, then you don’t really need more than 1 point in Accelerate or Mind’s Eye. Also, I never thought I would say this but the latest patch made Cloud Kill very very good. You currently don’t have Cloud Kill. I highly recommend taking it as soon as possible, since it way improved quite a bit and now functions as a proper Game Changer. If you have just started playing Borderlands 2 as Maya and are in only Normal mode, planning for a Level 72 build is at least somewhat premature. You should try to get a feel for the character, before planning for an end-game build especially if you have never played as Maya before.

As for the rest of the build itself, I would take points out of Kinetic Reflection unless you use a Mirrored Trickster which would allow for 11/5 and cause enemy bullets to actually heal you. I would also take points out of Sub-sequence, unless you use a Legendary Binder or perhaps other Binder COM. Wreck is a very very good skill, and I recommend putting 5 points in Wreck. Also, I would put at least 3 points into Elated to add to the healing that Sweet Release provides. You could probably take 1 point out of Sweet Release (for 4/5 Sweet Release) and still be good.

In the Cataclysm Tree, I recommend taking the 1 point in Helios, 1 point in Backdraft and 1 point in Blight Phoenix and putting them in Flicker for 5/5 Flicker. With the proper Class mod, you could get to 10/5 Flicker. Blight Phoenix is not very good, even after the patch. Backdraft is okay but mainly for melee focused builds and even then you would want more than 1 point in Backdraft. Helios can be good, but you would probably want at least 9/5 or even 10/5 Helios, which would require a Legendary Binder or perhaps other Binder COM. Having just 1 point in a few skills, isn’t very effective.

NOTE: The Builds in my ‘signature’ need to be updated to reflect the changes in the latest update. My actual Siren Build includes 4/5 Flicker (for a total of 9/5 Flicker) and 1/1 Cloud Kill and the Binder build in my signature is inaccurate and outdated :blush:

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There’s no reason to avoid the middle tree just because you play solo. Wreck is one of your main dps skills since its active so often. Especially if you plan on using Subsequence. You’ll be missing lots of gun damage and fire rate boosts every time an enemy is Phaselocked. Putting 5 points in it is always a must for me.

If you don’t want to go any further than Wreck, that’s understandable since you seem to want Subsequence, but a lot of those skills are very good even when playing solo.

Your guns and gear will affect your build whether you like it or not. If you intend on using plasma casters or other E-tech weapons, then the points in Chain Reaction are wasted. If you use the Pimpernel, you will suffer from points in Accelerate. If you decide on using a Tediore shield, like the Cracked Sash, you will find better use for the points in Ward. Kinetic Reflection is completely dependant on which type of enemies you fight. It’s great when you fight enemies that shoot at you, but useless against creatures.

Apart from that, @Poisd2Strike said it all.