How does "TreasureHunter" work?

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if anybody knows how the Guardian Rank Perk “Treasure Hunter” actually works. It says “Increases Luck for 10 seconds after each kill.” By how much does it increase Luck? What is “Luck” anyways, i.e. in which way does it improve loot amount / quality? How does it compare to the loot modifiers of Mayhem Mode? Also, does “Treasure Hunter” already apply to the loot dropped by the enemy that I just killed and by that triggered “Treasure Hunter” (this is particularly relevant for boss kills)?

I imagine your chances of higher rarity loot increases for dropping whem you get a kill for 10 seconds

Bump. Does really nobody know anything about this?

Nope, i dont even know i activate it, i have 75 tokens ready but there is not buttom to press to activate it. Does it happens automaticaly or not. No freaking idea?

All Guardian things are rewarded automatically, you do not need to press anything to activate it you just simply need to have spent enough tokens in each of the Guardian trees on the various bonuses to unlock it.


Yup, i got now after some research. Thx for your answer.