How does TVHM affect element effectiveness?

Does TVHM affect elements? I’ve seen in places it does but in game when inspecting a gun’s elements they appear to be the same. Is the game wrong or does they change? For examples does radiation (not) get shield bonus on TVHM?

Here’s where it says it is affected


The values on the cards don’t change, its damage is multiplied by these values on hit.

Example: Card says 100 Incendiary damage.

In normal (no Mayhem) that means it will deal 150 damage to a flesh enemy and 70 to an armor one.
In TVHM/Mayhem it will deal 175 to flesh and 50 to armor.

More info here.


It’s not on the gun stat cards but instead it affects howthe element interacts with certain kinds of target. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense if it changed to begin with because the stuff becomes more effective on some targets and less effective on others as you go into TVHM or Mayhem.

And the most common mistake is that this elemental table applies all the time to Normal mode. If you are using Mayhem mode you have the same bonus/penalty on Normal as in TVHM.

you mean the bars when inspecting it and not the actual item card?

I know that. the inspect weapon has effectiveness listed but the bars dont change for tvhm.

gtk ty. does mayhem affect it any farther like 7 being even more/less effective than 5?

You mean that info thing where it gives a 3-star rating against different enemy types? Forget that, A) it doesn’t change when going TVHM/Mayhem and B) it’s blatantly wrong.

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No, all Mayhem has the same multipliers.

In case of 3-star rating it should never be in the game. It’s impossible to provide correct rating with just 3 point scale when you have so many variables.

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Those star ratings are something I never pay attention to along with the item score.

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