How does Zane's "pets" work?

Like the nuances and caveats on Clone/SNTNL what gear secondaries affect them, what skills affect them, anointments, etc. For example things like FL4K’s War Loader having it’s own scaling with grenades and the OGT 25% working with it, or Moze’s Dakka Turret using weapon crit modifier like Unforgiven, things like that.

A guide like this one: [Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

There’s a couple of guides for Clone listed in the Community Resources guide. Not sure if anyone’s done anything similar for Drone and Barrier. If they have, and I simply didn’t catch them, let me know and I can add them to the list.

I’ve used that guide but all it talks about are weapons that it can hold from Double Barrel. I’m sure there’s more to the clone then that, there’s so much information on Moze/FL4K but less on Zane.

As a brief summary
Clone gets your splash damage
It gets OGT when it throws a grenade with the anoint
I believe it gets amp if it has an amp shield
All clone stuff gets x31 action skill scaling

Gets your damage formula (think like Rakk Attack)
Drops your grenades, the nades get your formula
Does melee when it flies into something, can proc groundbreaker and melee artifacts

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nice, thanks

since game is made in a way that both augments hiting count as zane hitting they both get splash (boomsday) and yes clone gets amp also drone gets ase elements it is plain ol stupidity

With clone, it’s also worth bearing in mind his attack patterns and weapon. For instance, pop a Trevonator on him and he will destroy most things. Both also benefit from action skill damage on class mods.

Does anybody know if clone can get Trick of the Light? Someone mentioned earlier on that drone gets it 100% of the time and 45% extra damage is pretty hefty for a 3 point investment.

Also wondering about kill skills because lots of them could be really nice for clone. I expect he can trigger them but not benefit from most of them.

clone gets donny brook you can check thicc fila’s clone damage formula. about totl it is also explained.

Does it do this on purpose, or is it, like, a failure of the collision scripts for that thing?

No idea

…but it will apparently physically run into an enemy on occasion and get melee damage. Weird.

That’s kind of a definition of melee damage, so… “Works as designed, won’t fix” :slight_smile: