How effective is Bloodletter without Deathless?

Just wondering. I mean, I have a Otto Idol with Healh Regen, would just maintaining the kills do nicely, what?

I couldn’t really get it to work. Damage taken far outweighed what health gen could keep up with.

I would suggest a Double Downer shield from a side quest in the Handsome Jack DLC, and just run a typical Deathless/Bloodletter build. Sure, you’ll get one shot into FFYL occasionally, but you’ll also get extra damage, accuracy, and double the FFYL time while in it…

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So you don’t need to use a deathless if your capacity is large enough, but you better have 1hp through Thin Red Line.

Otherwise your shield healing will be poopy.

Just use a deathless with good rolls though, it’s always going to be better.

Also I don’t remember, but I don’t think the Otto Idol heals your shields. I could be wrong, but I think it’s a weird thing in the game.

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I think I do remember something about that…

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I’ve heard the front loader or a triple turtle shield will stack with thin red line.
I may as well check soon and let you know if I heard wrong.

They don’t stack. Front Loader is just plain worse. TRL atleast allows converted health to benefit from Shield boosts.
the Frontloader doesn’t.

You’ll always be safer with something like a Transformer or Big Boom Blaster that while less capacity has extra damage mitigating factors.


Well aren’t you badass, you got here quicker than. A PS4 pro loads up lol.

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All covered in here