How emp grenade works?

my doubt is simple:
the EMP granade does it have a special effect on depleting enemy shields or does it only damage shields?
because if it’s just to damage shields, it doesn’t make any sense to have this grenade, as it doesn’t damage the life or armor of enemies.
now if the goal is to deplete shields why doesn’t it work in mayhem’s difficulties?

I don’t have much experience with that grenade myself, but a look at loot lemon seems to confirm it only damages shield, not armor or health.

As for the not working on Mayhem, probably poor scaling.
Watched some youtube videos, seems to kick *ss at lower level and suck at higher.
That’s all the help i can be right now.

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Maybe if you have only fire weapons, emp grenades can be useful… Throw grenades without stop fire flow

that is the point if I’m going to throw grenades while I’m shooting I’ll use any other grenade that’s shock elemental (hex, storm front or whatever)
but smokeoff is probably right
it’s a shame that they create things so different that they don’t work in bigger difficulties

Emp grenades can recharge transformer shield?

no, but on moze it works with vampyr

With my Moze Iron bear explosive build, I use moxxi bouncing pair grenade, a little bit risky but fun

Hopefully it gets a buff to do what it is supposed to do. I have a level 21 version that worked rather well. One of the youtube videos should him using it on Captain Traunt, it was doing pretty much nothing on his shield.

Im a main moze player but I didn’t like this explosive build
so I use an iron bear mix with a bottomless mags and my only problem are shields (because I have high incendiary damage) so I was looking for solutions to that and I was upset that the emp did not work on mayhem

wait but this grenade should not work on boss or special enemies or it would be broken

With my build I’m almost always inside the bear with double grenade launchers, outside of the bear I recharge bear with flakker and grenades. I have also another Moze where I never use the bear with red and green skill tree both capped

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With Kyb’s worth electric you can really erase shields

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Oh, i am not saying it should fully drop a bosses shield, that would be broke as hell. But i think it should do enough damage that you can at least notice the shield bar moving.
A nice compliment to a build weak on shock damage.
Since it only damages shields i think they could boost its damage to the point that 1 grenade takes out a standard enemy shield, 2/3 for badasses, and at least do noticeable damage to bosses.

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that would be perfect