How everything started

We all might have questions about the story of Borderlands 3 but there is still one thing that bothers me the most and I can’t find the answer. I think this wasn’t included in the recent game and fully in previous ones (if it was please correct me). I will use spoiler cause it contains story of previous Borderlands games.

Everything in the first game was “staged” by Handsome Jack and Angel. It was later featured in “Get to Know Jack” mission in Borderlands 2, part of ECHO #2
Handsome Jack: “Great! Say this to 'em: Don’t be alarmed. I need you to stay calm and don’t let on that anyone is talking to you. Start making your way off the bus.”.
He knew about the Vault and the Destroyer, that it can be used as “weapon” (Eye of Helios) so he used Angel to get us to the Destroyer. But how did he know all that? We know how he obtained the necessary information that leaded to the events of Borderlands 2 (Vault on Elpis, I guess if it wasn’t for Lilith he’d know way more). At the same time the same mission “Get to know Jack” features another ECHO #5 where there is this:
Hyperion President: “Oh, go to hell, John. Just because you got lucky with your Pandora hunch doesn’t mean—”
Handsome Jack: “Because I was right, is what you mean. And call me Jack, idiot.”
So how is it, was it his luck (at the beginning even Tannis didn’t believe in the Vault stories) or he had some secret information from some guardian like figure, maybe another Watcher? Do we have any information? Or we can just speculate and maybe wait and see if it will be featured in next games since the Watcher said something about “war” maybe it was the main reason for this war outbreak?

I am sincerely sorry about my English but I can’t get this off my mind and this seems like a perfect place to discuss it.


Good question. Angel even says “I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you” after you kill the destroyer in bl1. I always assumed there was bits of info floating around the galaxy and jack used angel to dig it up. Tannis was merely re-discovering things that had been known before. And the war the watcher is referring to is the war against hyperion and Jack. It’s a pre-sequel, remember.

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Those events, with the Watcher, Athena, and Lilith on flying Sanctuary, that’s all post-BL2.


Oh right. Sanctuary is flying isnt it? Well I suppose it could have been half way thru the events of bl2. Not that I disagree with you, but how do you know exactly when it’s supposed to be? Is there a canon time line or something I don’t know about ?

It’s after the Warrior. Tales from tbe Borderlands has relevant stuff, including an epic fight scene where Brick and Mordy manage to capture Athena.


It’s not like it was something completely new. I mean, he had to know about the Vault on Promethea. But how did he know that you can only hurt the destroyer in its physical form? How the hell he knew that there is such thing on Pandora. There’re many questions but the amount of HJ we get in BL3 makes me belive that it won’t be clarified.