How Exactly Does Kid Ultra's Ultimate a Work?

I used Kid Ultra a LOT this weekend.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how his Ultra works.

Doesn’t the bubble that surrounds his space ship mode while his ult is active before you activate his final uppercut of it (it’s not striking a pose he does a Dragon Punch style uppercut that seems to knock enemies back if you directly connect with it) provide some sort of heavy defense or possibly invulnerability to you and anyone you are in the bubble with and then it does the final healing / health regeneration burst & AOE field creation after the final move activates?

And then you can take augments / mutations to add damage dealing / damage outut buffing / healing / health regen?

I have stood with allies in the tight stairway hallways before the Sentries in Echelon, the tunnels and window in Overgrowth, and the enclosed corridors in Outskirts and I could swear ive stopped Dreadwinds and other enemy Ultimates off as well as heavy enemy fire by enclosing my allies in the bubble?

Can someone please provide a more definitive explanation of how his Ultimate works?

Thanks in advance.


So basically the bubble, healing, and knockback is bigger on the speed you are going, also the knockback is also the size of the bubble and a big disruption tool

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Dont crash or your bubble gets reduced… I recomend to jump once you are in the middle of a fight to prevent colitions and stop

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So the bubble that surrounds KU before fhe final uppercut does nothing except determine the size of the knockback and healing / regen zone created at the end?

That’s actually a letdown.

Seems like a waste of a bunch of time in his end.

I feel certain that the bubble has stopped some big Attacks for me while it was active.


Well what you expect, reyna bubble lol

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I actually thought it was exactly like that, only smaller Cuz it was mobile.

I thought that was the trade off.


It is ok flames, I once never knew boldur blocking with runes healed him


Nah, he’s going vogue. You won’t convince me otherwise.

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What i dont like is how your good healing área of effect can get reduced to nada.

I dont mind the no dmg nd just a push because its cd is rly small for an ult. I us it to move around must of the time lol

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Nah, the trade off is big aoe burst heals on a skill level cooldown (thats why you hear I’m helping so much)

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How dose it work? Well like all these people said Not well :stuck_out_tongue: ohhhhhh snap! naw but seriously Kid needs some love here. He just dose not function quite as well as other Battleborn. luckily the Ult has a short cool down but the area of effect should be fixed IMO and then they can ditch the push back to compinsate.

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