How fast can you kill M10 Psychoreaver?

Here’s my average run with M10 Psychoreaver using Moze.

I checked a bunch of Youtube videos claiming they had fast kill. Relatively speaking they seem slower than mine.

Edit: Xbox live capture. Downloaded to phone and then uploaded to Youtube. Sorry for the vid quality

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I think I’ve seen someone two-shot him on stream, but I don’t know if there’s YT recordings of it.

punchbot fl4k by lazydata.
By using a stackbot and a monarch you can get 500% bonus weapon damage, swap to a facepuncher.
Melee damage won’t get rid of the stackbot buff, you can then one shot each phase with a white elephant

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The fastest I could do…~30 seconds on Moze

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So is this similar to the Unforgiven swap crit?

Kind of, but much more broken.

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Ummm…it took us like 10 minutes in coop yesterday…