How fast do I reload: a stats and math question

So I’ve been wondering this since BL1 but I wonder if anyone here knows for certain. In short my question is, if I have multiple bonuses to a certain facet of the game, how do they effect each other?

Let me elaborate, the way I see it, there are two ways this could happen. Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. There’s a reload time on a gun that takes 4 seconds. Then I allocate skill points into reducing reload speed by 20%. I get an additional bonus of 5% from badass ranks. So two things could be happening.

(1) The 20% bonus from the skill tree and 5% from badass ranks could combine to make 25% faster reload speed. Meaning 4 seconds x 25% = 3 second reload speed.

(2) or the 20% bonus and the 5% bonus are applied separately. Meaning 4 seconds x 20% = 3.2 second reload speed. 3.2 seconds x 5% = 3.04 second reload speed.

I know this example seems pretty silly when it comes down to 4 hundredths of a second but with so many stats working in concert at once, this question could be pretty impactful in having a full understanding of what you’re character is capable of.

Thanks all and what do you all think?

ive wondered the same thing for gun damage for the commando. i think it would go by your first example

On the pre-sequel I just ran a test and it seems to be multiplicative. am linking it below. But the short of it is that FFYL time of 12 seconds times 1.7 would equal a revive time of 20.4. I was getting approximately 21.8. which matches up with 12 seconds FFYL times 1.35 for 7 out of 5 BB4L (+35%) which = 16.2 FFYL Time. Now add in 5 out of 5 BS (+35%) and that gives us 21.87 FFYL time.

Now different things might add up differently but it’s easy enough to math it out especially at higher levels where the numbers are much larger.

Looking at the OP, there’s actually another option, this being additive. They calculate the buffs separately at the same time and subtract them from the total, which is the worst kind of math.

So it’s:
20% on 4 seconds: 0.8 seconds
5% on 4 seconds: 0.12 seconds
Reload speed goes from 4 seconds to 3.08 seconds

It’s most likely the second option you suggested.

that would be no different then adding them together.

5% of 4 seconds is .2 seconds not .12

■■■■ ■■■■. I was confusing it with seconds, not hundreds. I took 0.2 from 60 seconds but yeah, you’re right, I’m an idiot.

I’m fairly sure folks determined, years ago, that most of the bonuses are multiplicative. Cooldown reduction, reload speed, elemental chance, etc, etc. And then certain rare ones are additive or a combination. For the multiplicative ones, you see a vastly diminishing return after a while. In which case you’re better off spreading out your buffs (instead of, for example, using three different 30%+ buffs for cooldown rate.)

That’s right I think I remember folks saying they have diminishing returns. I wish there was some way to easily tell exactly what your stats are. I’m thinking like the Witcher 3 (and other hardcore RPGs like it) has a screen you can find to tell exactly what what your DPS, resistance to fire, yadayada and so forth. You’d think we could just be given a screen like that to easily tell exactly what all our stats add up to create

All I know is that when I play Destiny the glacial reload speed, accompanied by not being able to reload while running, annoy the absolute crap out of me. I love the way you can make your reloads so fast in BL - it’s a big part of the ‘Badass’ feeling that comes with building a high-level character.

You can get some absolutely insane reload speeds in Destiny (stacking reload bonuses and such.) Many of those are on-kill ones, but there are also armor pieces which grant you a consistent buff to reload speed for certain weapon types. With the two types stacked together you can have reloads that seem instantaneous. However, like you said, you can’t get those reload speeds 100% of the time like in Borderlands.

To the main topic again: the next BL game could definitely do well to adopt another thing from Diablo 3: a stats page which shows all of your current bonuses or buffs displayed with exact numbers. This is something I think the game needs, and I don’t really see any downside to it. Nor a reason they couldn’t implement it easily.