How fast do you have to upgrade guns?

Thats always what drove me nuts in PT2 and higher in BL2 and to a degree in this one, that you’ve gotte some cool blue, or maybe purple gun, but within 3 levels of enemies its not up to snuff. One thing I missed about BL1, you could use some guns 8-10 levels below yours and it would still work nicely.

I used a striker from 6 to 14.

Yeah, but in THVM and the like it seems its nearly a 1-3 level life for a gun, TOPS.

A good gun gets you a solid 5 levels.

I guess it depends on the character. My first venture into UVHM was with Athena and I set out to see how far I could go with my level 50 weapons. Normal mobs were still very killable at 58 with level 50 weapons and all it took was an extra clip or so but something like Iwjaejejajawa… not so much. Even a level 50 Flakker with 500 stacks took forever to kill that stupid giant space dog. I started replacing stuff at 58 and again at 60 because there was no way I was going to face the Sentinel at 60 with level 50 weapons.

My Wilhelm is 56 and I’m just starting to see some of my weapons become less effective at quick killing. I’ve replaced one or two weapons but for the most part it’s not giving me too much of an issue. Really though, that’s all thanks to W&S giving some major weapons buffs and a flat out enemy debuff. A differently setup Wilhelm may have a harder time just on his own.


I used the same maggie, skullsmasher and hammerbuster from 50-58. and a fatale from 53-59 when i replaced it with a fridgia.

Used my level 50 guns until level 56, then I completed a quest to get the gun it gave, and used it until level 60. (not because I HAD to, but because I wanted to)

The scaling is softer than BL2’s

I mean I’m only level 54 almost 55 and still using guns from levels 49~50 no sweat

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I used the starting Bullpup for 15 levels. Good guns have staying power in TPS.

I remember using a lvl24-ish ZX-1 untill halfway through TVHM once.

About every 5 levels, 6 if it works really well with your build. And I agree, in BL2 it was about 3 levels.

i used a level 7 maliwan laser from redbelly all the way to the veins of helios. you wont really be stuck for guns, and UVHM can be done quite easily with level 50 guns.

Yeah your right in Borderlands 1 i used this from level 15 tohe end of the game.But didn’t work well against the last Boss.

In BL TPS I been using this gun from level 9 to 20 so far

if i find a gun that i love, such as the 88 fragnum, i level it with my character (currently a lvl 63 fragtrap) using gibbeds… but thats just me

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