How fun can local co-op be? (Borderlands level?)

Now before I go on, only one of us has PS+ (me) My friend and I love doing co-op sessions on borderlands games. It totally replaced what Halo used to do for us, with fun boss battles, fun characters and loot!

I heard Battleborn also has local co-op so…how fun will that be? Will it reach the levels Borderlands does for people or does it seem like it was just added in there.

This game is made to be played in a team. The split screen is pretty crappy right now though so I recommend two tvs and consoles if y’all both have

Well, I´m not completely same opinion as @Slakruz here, but yeah, for Splitscreen you better get a huge TV. Me and my fiance set money aside since CTT for a 49" TV and the text ingame is still ■■■■■■■ small. Even worse since we´re german and our language loves unnecessary long words…

Its fun though. It really is. And before BB I only played Co-Op Halo & Borderlands-series with my fiance, so I had no experience in playing online with others. I hesitated first, but its not so bad as people might think. Most players are very good teammates (at least in PvE).

Only thing to keep in mind: The PvE-story misions are rather short sequences (20-45min) you play through a certain storypart. So its fast fun compared to BL. You can replay Part A if you want to improve highscore or go on to Part B, and so on. (More like driving courses in racing games, only as FPS-mission)

For us it totally is our new Halo/BL, but its still a different game. If you keep that in mind you´ll have a great time :heart:


Apparently, German is also the reason why the text isn’t any larger - there was a developer response in a post on the open beta forums that actually went into great detail about how the international localization issues AND split-screen both affect the UI layout.

I will not, however, hold you and your fiance personally responsible for my having to sit 1 metre from a 32" TV!

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Me and my wife have been split screening sinc bl1 and we love the couch coop from gearbox! It just stinks that everything text wise is so small :frowning: we do have a 60 though so I recognize its not as bad as some people have it!

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Oh yeah I red that post too! Its rather depressing, but not because I feel guilty. Its more because I did not met another german BB-player who liked or appreciated the german translations while GBX had so much work with it…
I don´t blame GBX, more our rather “unbadass” language. Its true: german kills 80% of the fun. (Like they show in that hillarious Funnybot-Southpark episode…)
It feels awefull to see how many people have issues with the font-size while we germans don´t really have benefits from the translation or fontsize either… I know GBX/2K invested alot in this, thats what makes me sad - so much work and most people seem unpleased.
(We tried to get a english version, but XB-live chooses local languages automatically -.-)

Hehe, thank you! :heart: Its maybe just that I wish the community would rather blame the germans for it than GBX . GBX wanted to do a great job, while we, well we are pretty much the same as everyone else, just with worse weather and more pretzels lol

Its always so awesome to see how many couples play GBX Borderlands-series - amazed me eversince! Back in 2009 I thought its strange to play BL on a date, now after all that time GBX-games are a big part of our relationship^^
As someone said: Who slays together, stays together :heart:

Totally agree! Its hard to hear the issue is rather the same no matter how big the screen is…60", gees thats huge.
With our old TV we could not really read text in the CTT, we looked all up on the internet - now its a bit better, but hard to imagine how I played BL+Halo all the years on a 30" TV lol

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Agreed on the text is tiny thing. Had to step right in front of the tv to see and read the words

I was wondering if someone has a link to where gearbox says they can’t fix the small text issue?


Don’t mind it myself but the text is small.

Still having fun with it tho

Hopefully this works ok:


The problem with Battleborn’s local co-op is that it requires a strong internet connection, even when you’re playing Couch co-op. That aside, the co-op can be very enjoyable. The sense of humor is very reminiscent of Borderlands, but still feels very much new and unique.