How funny/interesting are Claptraps/Wilhelm's voice lines?

In the Pre-Sequel of course.

It just really sucks at times, I love playing as Athena and her lines are just so interesting to listen too. Jack is always good for a laugh, and if I feel like being mean I go with Nisha.

Then it ends there. I’ve never played as Wilhelm the Enforcer or Claptrap the Mistake. So just how funny/interesting are these characters lines? As for Aurelia…well from what I’ve heard she does have speaking lines but people who reply to her are just using generic lines.

One of these days I want to play as either of these two, it’s just if there voice-lines/replies aren’t that good…it will be kinda hard for me to be interested in that character.

Having played through at least once with all six characters, I would say they are good.

And despite the fact that NPCs don’t have any responses specific to Aurelia, her lines can be hilarious. I fell off my chair laughing at how she reacted to Moxxi the first time she meets her…

How would you rate Claptrap’s lines? He’s the one I’m most interested in playing. Was any of his lines straight up funny or hit the feels? (Like when Athena felt bad for yelling at Claptrap near the end of the DLC)

I enjoyed them. There’s a bit of a mix, but mostly funny as I remember it. Interesting how he reacts during the whole opening the elevator to Jack’s office bit. You should also play Claptrap if only to experience Torgue Fiesta and Pirate Ship; frankly, whoever dreamed up Clappy’s skill tree is an insane genius.

Some of Wilhelm’s lines are pretty classic too. My favourite is when he responds to Janey Springs during the mission to collect the laser thing (Torgue-O ?)

When it comes to comedic output, I always bet on Claptrap.

I’d say his delivery of lines is half the reason I love to hear them. The voice actor could be reading the dictionary, and it would still give me a chuckle.

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claptrap during the mission to open jacks office is freaking hilarious. when he yells at the other claptrap thats screwing up, i died.

“I like steak and robots!”

I like Claptrap’s comment something like

“I can do something like that too. Sort of. Except not.”