How Gear Works: Lifesteal

My question was how do stats like +Healing Power and +Healing Received affect lifesteal abilities ( like the ones the Jennerit heros have) I did some runthroughs on story mode solo with this gear equipped and counted the numbers.

Neither +Healing Power or +Healing Received boost Lifesteal

So just keep that in mind when picking your gear. If you have found differently please let me know.

  • healing power and +healing received also do nothing to natural health regen (ie, Eldrid) nor health regen induced by gear (eg +5.23 health per second).

So negative heal power effects won’t cripple a character with lifesteal? I’m talking attikus and Rath mainly.

Download Battleborn

Load up

Proceed to have life stolen.

(sorry OP couldn’t resist!)


Yep. For Attikus, Thorn, Rath, Deande, Pendles, Orendi, etc., it’s no consequence (except healing recieved since that’s detrimental to everyone

The amount of Life Steal is proportional to damage dealt, up your Attack/Skill damage and you will up the amount of Life Steal :wink: