How gearbox could fix bl3's story

This is going to be hard. Very hard. First lets look at what gearbox did, so we can solve it. Why did you guys at gearbox story department try to change your formula so much? Why try to appeal to the young when you were already nice? Money? Didnt you guys get a ton of cash with epic exclusive already? I mean you tried to change and you failed so hard literally no one disagrees that the story is ■■■■. Why did you force ava down our throats? And the ■■■■■■ humor? Bl was all about the crazy stuff. Bl2 humor was pretty nice, genuine and sincere is what we want; so dont try to do what everyone is doing. Devs who do not bandwagon on appealing to the young get praised. I mean kids are a great source of income, but your name was known for good story and one of the best villains all time. Why ruin your reputation? You got sales of bl3 but you lost sales of a potential new game. You ruined your rep for newcomers, they thought the story and humor was nice, and you made the characters hair wiggle like god damned anime. Why try to be so edgy when you were geniunely funny? You guys basically ignored any story there was before bl3. Story is full of plot holes.


First, why is ava incredibly forced? She is the embodiment of an edgy tryhard. I dont know how you guys could fix this stuff tbh. Ava is like point of no return. First, you made her main main character, even more important than the vault hunter, which was a bad move already but anway, you tried to force the game to be emotional but this isnt why we are here, we are here because you used to make fun of that moment before with claptrap, and it was genuinely funny. You guys see the pattern here? Im using the word genuine alot. Anyway, you made ava get maya’s powers so you cant kill her off easily. You made her get all wise old wizard up in the end and that was cringe. Tannis being a siren was cool i guess, nothing bad.

Well, why does the playerbase hate ava?

She is the reason a beloved character(maya) get killed off in such a dumb manner, i cant do anything but want to strangle this ■■■■■ ava. Well, you see, making a mistake;and then learning not to do it anymore is not a good concept when you literally kill a fan favourite because of that small mistake. İ have no idea why you decided to put ava in the game at all, same goes for deleting her. But our goal is clear, deleting ava in some way or letting her bring back maya. You cannot,i repeat cannot make the playerbase like ava without her bringing back maya. So, you got 2 choices normally but you already crossed off the killing off one, so you have to make playerbase not hate ava again. All that stupid "for maya " ■■■■ doesnt work when you kill her like tossing a trashbag out of the 15th floor. You had to make her have a reason to die you know. I am not a fan of the bring her back side but she died in such a stupix way, i cant advise anything else. Letting her die would make krieg have a greater character arc, maybe 2 voices in his head working together as one to kill everything he sees. Anyway bring back maya or you gotta kill ava in some way. Or distract us from maya and let krieg rip and tear everything. That would also be cool.

Make older story characters more memorable. (You also get more playtime so win-win, do this already.)

You also ruined troy’s arc. He could have restored the games story on tge villain side, and you threw him to the side. He could have leeched all the power off tyreen and killed her, we already hate him for killing maya, so double sided sword, nice villain who finally gets spotlight.

What even was that final fight, no death scene or anything, incredibly awful.

anything else suggest in comments, im sure ond of you has an idea to fix the story, and gearbox; look at the comments if you can.

Everyone sees this game as a gameplay 10/10 story 2/10 game now. Great.

For starters they can personalize it more for each vault hunter. Unique dialogue would go a long way.