How good and how far can Melee Brick take me?


I feel like having a lot of fun and Borderlands is always there when I’m bored lol. I feel like doing a playthrough and trying out Brick. I played him before, but at the time I was under the impression that his melee skills weren’t all that good late in the game (much so he’s unable to hit flying targets)

But this isn’t going to be a serious playthrough, maybe I will play on higher difficulties once I unlock them… but right now I just wanna punch somethings lol… or blow them up.

How good can Melee Brick be and how far will it take me before I have to switch to Explosive Brick.

(band) #2

It’s effective enough until you hit the Crimson Lance. There are times when you’ll take a knee, which Die Hard is good for, but you’ll need guns for some things. Turrets, Eridians flying off-map, Craw.

Hot tip, your melee actually doesn’t account for vertical height. If there was a Rakk flying 100 feet above your head exactly and you melee’d, you’d smack it. Works the same in BL2.