How good can his turret be on 2.5 difficulty?

So I’m gonna be running a Heavy Gunner build, here it is- (or my the idea of how it’s gonna be.)

I have alot of ideas of how I want this build to go, that’s only one of them. It focuses ONLY on Roland. The skills are only for him. Whenever I pop out the turret, it’s only to distract enemies/give me ammo while I pop them.

This is my other build idea, I don’t know how good his turret can be if I should even focus some points in it’s damage. With that said though, this is the other ideal build I’m thinking of.

This build won’t give me free ammo like the first one (so I’ll have to stick with one weapon type this time.) The turret however will pull it’s weight this time. It will be able to dish out some damage.

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It doesn’t kill much. But it doesn’t ever die either. I only use it for distraction and Supply Drop.

Same here, used only for distraction and when you can keep it alive for Team support.