How good is a Hive on Zer0?

I kinda want to give my prized OP8 Corrosive Norfleet back to my Commando.

I have an OP8 Corrosive Topneea that is the Cat’s Meow with a Chaotic Neutral Rogue and that is my first choice…

But I was looking through my mules for ideas and I have a bunch of Hive’s from the Loot Hunt years ago.

Never used a Hive that I can remember. How good is a Hive and how good is it on Zer0?

Admittedly…all I really ever use a Launcher for is FFYL and taking out the very first Assassin at the Peak.

It also proves very helpful in the Magic Slaughter/Arenas in FFYL.

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The Hive is fun with anyone, sort of (like the Wanderlust, you just sort of fire it, and things nearby die). The sub rockets should get constant Innervate, Ambush, and Decepti0n damage if you’re under while they’re spinning off? I’m not sure if Vel0city affects the initial projectile, the sub rockets, or both though. If it affects the sub rockets, it could be lethal.

…have you ever gotten the Hive drunk off a Grog Nozzle? Worth doing at least once just to see it.

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