How good is claptrap

Can someone pls tell me how good claptrap is because I was going to try him out

Claptrap is, like all other vault hunters, a god among men. His boomtrap tree has I don’t even know how many ways to do explosive damage - give him a cryo gun and things get utterly wrecked. Try out the mission reward gun, Too Scoops, which is practically tailor-made for clappy, or the Absolute Zero, if you have the DLC. Firing a fully loaded gun sets off an explosive nova.
His middle tree has a ton of defensive and co-op tricks - friendship novas and gun wizard are amazing, so are high fives if you’ve got good communication (a mic). Furthermore, he gets a built-in shield nova that also heals the team.
Fragmented fragtrap adds cryo to your slam, massive, albeit random bonuses (though it’s fairly easy to manage frag stacks), and rainbow novas.

So basically, novas novas novas novas novas.
Slam in there with a too scoops and a tediore shield, and just start shooting almost wherever you want, and watch things explode.

One thing to keep in mind though: don’t use your action skill when teammates are down. If you roll funzerker or rubber ducky, no-one can revive. Or kill yourself with a grenade if you do get one of those with teammates down (clappy is also the most well-equipped for ffyl)

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With the Flakker and a right spec, he can pretty much one shot everything :smiley: Except for a few bosses :smiley:

thank’s dude I’m going to go try him out

He’s not good, he’s freakin’ amazing.

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this, I use “ONLY” him to power level people, even through the storyline, he’s better then most of the other toons, one reason, you do not have to worry about using Oxygen except for slams and Boosts so you are not constantly searching for that all the time