How good is Fire Fiend?

With a Toast COM, this thing can get you +110% accuracy.

Based on my experience with Nisha, this is incredibly good, and at first sight, it looks like Krieg’s best skill… yet no one is soiling themselves over it.


How noticeable is this ?
Does it make some weapons behave much differently ?
What does it do to shotgun spreads ? (Mainly the big bore ones)
How does it affect the Flakker ?
What about guns with fixed spread, like the Jolly roger, Heartbreaker, Teeth of Terra or Triquetra ?

No character in this game has such a big boost in accuracy. The only thing that’s close is Jack in TPS.

Am I missing something ?

to me it seems unnecessary at endgame. accuracy really isn’t that important on krieg. and any smart hellborn krieg player picks up nervous blood and should not focus on punching to much. whenever i spec into it, i feel like those points are better spent elsewhere. it does have its benefits at a low bloodlust stack or if you’re fighting enemies without your kill skill active, or if you are using a kitten or a shotgun.

I don’t think accuracy bonuses affect the kind of firing pattern such as the ones from Omen or Flakker as the extra pellets position should be just an offset from the main projectile although it does make the central pellet more accurate (e.g., sniper Omen).

Reload time wise, alone it’s capable to make torgue reloads not-shi†.

I suppose the lack of popularity comes from both how close-range focused the psycho is and the popularity nervous blood.

ps.: For a melee-centric mania-hellborn it also has the utility of being one of the few ways to inflict self-ignition during rampages aswell as making the axe’s saw glow red wich is on itself almost better than Sal’s whole Brawn tree.

pps.: hellborn Omen users like @BookEmDano should probably know more about the accuracy effects on the firing pattern as I certainly don’t, given how little I shoot compared to melee.

I’ve seen Jack player get a Jakobs Quad to be pinpoint precise with accuracy boost, I was wondering if the same can be done here. With Elation and Bloodlust stacks, you can also get 6-7 shots in a row from a quad…same as with Jack’s AA … is there some substance to this thinking of mine ?

Nah, don’t know how to do the tests xDDD

Well, since you can set the enemies on fire, there is synergy with EE so you can get healed.

@Chuck80 , i smell a deputy krieg build in the making. you can get that many shots and have high accuracy.

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Accuracy barely affects the flakker.
600 stacks of anarchy and it was the same as 0.

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Shoot at the dummy until you set yourself on fire, switch to a Quad, compare your reticle to before you started. With 100 bloodlust stacks and 20 stacks of elation, a Jakobs grip Quad with a mag size accessory should have a mag size big enough to shoot 6-7 times between reloads. :slight_smile:

Add some salt the wounds, BB and PiP to the mix and I’m pretty sure this is something only Athena could match.

Did the tests running full Hellborn, not going Bloodlust:

made 5 videos:
1.- no com nor skill
2.- half hellborn (no flame flare) no com
3.- full hellborn
4.- legendary torch and power toast
5.- legendary torch with 8/5 flame flare


Link ?

uploading videos, will take a while xD

Oh OK, sorry for being impatient :blush:

What’s with messing with Flame Flare ? Would it affect anything specific about my question ?

longer self igniton time

Where 10/5 is considered suicidal. But if it is not suicidal, it doesn’t suits K.

I mean, beside that?

It should not have an effect on Fire Fiend’s accuracy… Why did you not test different amount of Fire Fiend instead ? 5/5 vs 10/5 or 1/5 ?

dunno, i try to help xD

i’m a damned noob on this stuff on testin gear xD

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Yeah, and thanks for that :slight_smile:

I have played a Hellborn before but I never really paid attention to Fire Fiends accuracy bonus. Playing TPS where Jack and Nisha can make use of some truly inaccurate guns to great effect made me wonder how good an accuracy you could get out of that skill. :slight_smile:

Some guns are just unusable because they are all over the place, but could be total powerhouse if you could somehow make them shoot straight.

Anyway, can’t wait to see those videos :slight_smile:

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Too bad, I can’t really tell the difference. Maybe it only boosts max accuracy ? (Which would make sense since this tree is about shooting forever)

Thanks a lot for the vids :slight_smile:

It made a much bigger difference on the hellfire. Maybe it just works better with automatic weapons?

Yeah, that kinda confirms that it’s a MAX accuracy boost, so not very useful for something like a Quad, but very good for auto guns with lots of recoil.