How good is he after the nerfs?

I completely felt the nerfs were justified as he was not only very good early game but a 1v5 monster end game as his burst potential was just obscene for someone with his role. After doing a few matchs with him i noticed they not only nerfed En Fuego’s initial damage but also all of his skills damage by about half except for i believe dragon splash but i couldn’t remember how much it did before the nerf. Did they mean to nerf all of his skill damage making not only clothesline almost useless early game except for the slow but also making his 10th helix right side just plain unusable? “it was already really bad”

However even with the massive changes even ones they may or may not have mean’t to do i really like where he is now where he should be as his early game has really been toned back and his late game is still very good. I can still dive a team and disrupt them late game and pickup a few kills without dying which is his role essentially. I don’t think the height on his dragon splash should have been nerfed as it added some extra mobility in both incursion and meltdown.

Here is one of my matches from last night so you can see he still does high damage but is much more inline with the rest of the characters. yes they were down one but Rath was afk for the first 5 minutes of the match so it was a 4v4 for about half the match. All of my matches pretty much went like this with me having the highest kills and damage in all of them.

I agree the height change on dragon splash felt unnecessary but overall he’s pretty much fine. I played him exactly the way I had before the patch before realizing the patch existed and didn’t even notice his damage and health was reduced.

Also a bit disappointed En Fuego lost it’s upfront damage; I felt it complimented him far better even if it left his melee attacks completely unaffected, but hey that just me. I’ll miss being able to kill Ambra before her damage fell low enough to activate flame shield.

Well the burst damage was his main problem as it was doing about 1000+ with his initiation with clothesline into the knockup into En Fuego. He should not be able to just go in at lighting speeds and basically kill the whole enemy team within a 2 second span by himself. You can still kill Ambra pretty fast you just have to either clap her to death or pummel her with your Giant Robot Arms! instead of just exploding her into pieces.

Oh, I know. The explosion was just really fun!

Love this hero, im going be doing a guide video on him

I unlocked the bicycle kick last night. While hilarious, I don’t see the point in this skill.

  • Locks you into its animation for the full duration
  • Very limited steering
  • Extremely easy to miss
  • Doesn’t really do anything

Unless this thing can secretly stunlock or gib Montana, I don’t see any reason to take it over Attitude Adjustment (in fact I don’t see any reason to take Heart of the Champion either since the heal is so low).

I also feel that Deafening Applause is the choice over Power Fist. The damage of Power Fist might be good or whatever, but the charge up time on the punch immediately quells its value, and the lunge forward is rather double-edged for my liking; you either can use it to chase someone, or you end up missing and have to re-aqcuire your target which can be troublesome and possibly fatal to El Dragón.

Futhermore, the single-target nature of the punch makes it very impractical for pvp most of the time, whereas Deafening Applause has far more versatility in its use in the form of wave pushing, group combat, ranged advantage, anti-air, and sloppy aim. I especially like using the clap to kite other melee characters that I can’t always man-fight, like Shayne.

Overall I think this hero is amazing, but I think his helix needs further tweaking. There’s just too many mandatory choices in my eyes so it makes his diversity a bit too limited.

Tell me about it. I tried this one the first time I got to 10 because it sounded hilarious. I want to make use of this thing, but it simply can’t be justified in the face of Title Fight, and it also overrides Deafening Applause while En Fuego is up.
I was thinking maybe gearing for an obscene amount of attack speed would be interesting, but still probably not worth it. I’ll give it a shot later today.

I’ve only tried that helix once and it was really bad despite having attack speed gear active. This was before the patch, even.

That’s why you take the bicycle kick so you can look stupid while stomping the enemy team. In all seriousness alot of the characters have a problem where there is an obvious choice on which skill to take because the other 1 or 2 just fall short.

Good to know, now I don’t have to try it, thanks.

I did not consider this. That solves everything.

I see so many “meh” helix options for his kit as well. The upgrades for his dropkick seem ■■■■■■, any time I use dropkick I am wondering if it even did anything. Is the hitbox super small? His Character hitbox is massive and gets stuck on everything the hitbox should hit everything on the screen. Also why is a high level helix reserved for an after thought move that TAKES enemies out of range for a melee centric character.

That heal over time on Dragon Splash is either poorly worded horrible weak as hell. The other option is +15% on clothline which does a base damage of what 75. Such a mediocre helix option.

I would like to see some tweaks to the Clothesline skill that allows you to double cast. The camera swerve is slow making accuracy with its usage difficult, aiming the first part is already unwieldy. Perhaps giving something similar to Orendi where you have “X” amount of time to recast, allowing you to go in smack em around then get out. Damage can even be bottomed out to “0”.

I would really appreciate a Counter for his passive letting us know where we stand. The visual changes are great but its shouldnt be an issue adding a numerical value as opposed to more than 5 less then 10 ish.

I am wholly unimpressed with helix levels 6,8,&9 with seemingly negligible boosts.

See the post above.[quote=“gocorb, post:10, topic:1356975”]
That heal over time on Dragon Splash is either poorly worded horrible weak as hell.

That skills is only useful because it trigger his shield to recharge which really helps a lot late game with his ability to stay in on team fights. [quote=“gocorb, post:10, topic:1356975”]
I am wholly unimpressed with helix levels 6,8,&9 with seemingly negligible boosts.

The health back on his clothesline from 9 is super good as the heal from it can easily heal right back to full health if you grabbed the knock up on it. It really is one of the best choices on his helix since he doesn’t have any real sustain anywhere else.