How good is melee Zer0 since the update?

I kinda wished I new about this update before hand but since that big update a while back alot of things have changed. Alot of old Borderlands builds on Youtube are very out of date now, back when Cloud Kill was bad or Death Blossom was also bad?

Alot of things now are better, skills that used to be crap are now awesome and a must have now lol. So how good is Melee Zer0 since the update?

I also heard Axton’s Ranger got updated? (Is that true?) I heard it’s 2% per level other then that disappointing 1% per level. (seriously 5% just doesn’t seem worth the 5 points…)

Melee zer0 has always been good, Death Blossom was always amazing outside a small time frame.

Ranger was not touched.

I always thought it was amazing too, it’s just alot of old builds (PS3 days) people say Death Blossom was…disappointing :confused:

Aw it wasn’t touched?! That’s a shame…

Death Blossom combined with Deathmark that comes before it is one of the best combos in the entire game and always has been. Right now its 80% per hit, non stack and its crazy good, in the old days you could stack it so 4 zer0’s would totally break the game.

The skills that were buffed were the Ranked skills

Guess those people just didn’t know how good it was then lol. Well I guess I’ll give Melee Zer0 a shot, it was awesome we got this update to fix all the crap skills (everything aside from Ranger >.>)

There was a time, though brief, that 2 Zeros couldn’t have DM active at the same time. If 1 Zero DMed an enemy, the other Zero’s would disappear. So there was a time when it wasn’t that pleasant (of course, that only mattered if 2 Zero’s were in the same party.)