How good is PC version (port ?) and aren't you worried by strong console support?

Hello fellow battleborns :slight_smile:

I am a long time FPS gamer and I truly believe that this year will finally bring fresh breeze into this genre.

I also like what I have seen so far in Battleborn, even my steam friends were saying the game is fun ( they played technical beta ).

But I am curious after reading latest news. The PS4 headstart. Dont’ get me wrong, I have nothing against consoles.

But from my personal experience, as soon as game has console headstart, PC port sucks. (it does not apply to other direction, there are lot of sucky ports which didn’t have console headstart :slight_smile: )

So if anyone can answer me these questions it would be awesome:

  1. How good is PC port, the technical aspect of game. Is game running fine overall ? Any stuttering, other issues ?
  2. How good are Mouse & Keyboard controls ? Do they feel native or it’s like they have been added later in developing process ?
  3. How good is hit detection, are hitboxes where they’re supposed to be ?
  4. How is the overal feeling of the netcode. Any weird lag compensation ? Deaths after you’re far deep behind the corner ?
  5. Does mouse feel accurate ? No weird acceleration ?

And then non-port related:
6. How difficult is the gameplay ? Easy to learn ? Easy to master ?
7. How big disatvantage has team of solo players against average party ?

… aaand then:
8. Am I the only one who finds hero models (especially faces) incredibly ugly ?

Thank you very much for any response…

I hope I see you all on launch :slight_smile:

  1. It’s fine. I wouldn’t even call it a port.
  2. If you don’t like it you can remap.
  3. Just like it should be.
  4. Haven’t had any of that during the ctt
  5. Yes
  6. Imo pretty easy, but I have both FPS and Moba experience. Mastering is like any other Shooter/Moba: learn twitch skills and tactics (Randy makes a big point out of the “three T’s”)
  7. That’s like in any moba. If every teammate knows what he’s doing it doesn’t matter. There’s a built in voice chat if you want to use that.
  8. That’s the art style. Everyone has their own opinion about that and it doesn’t do anything discussing it. By now it’s set in stone, apart from minor tweaks eventually.

That was on of the complains of Totalbiscuit in his video, where a grab and pull skill simply was nullified because of lag.
I hope they fix it or already have.

I also hope the menus are not to much for consoles, I always miss really useful stuff like mouseover hints, one click choices and such.

Thank you for quick response.

Just few notes:

  1. I was talking more about situation like “not being able to use escape key to quickly close in game menus” or other weird console-design artefacts

  2. Well besides unique art style (which this game definitely has), I would like to have proper aesthetics too. Maybe I will get over it though, because in the end I am mostly curious about this game mechanics.
    I just don’t see any “Wow I wanna play with this one here!” hero so far. Which is really weird especially when I compare this to other games (upcoming or already released)… But maybe it’s only my problem, I may be deformed by pretty drawn Manga/Anime too :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am going to find that video, somehow missed it.

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If you’ve played Borderlands 2, it might put you at ease to know Battleborn is using the same engine (Unreal 3), and so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect similar customization options/game rendering capabilities. Now, they’re obviously using different shaders and have more players on-screen at one time (in PvP anyway), but no problems were conferred because of a ‘port’ (all games are built on PCs after all, and an average gaming rig has better specs than consoles). It’s also worth noting that the CTT playerbase was relatively small (as is the current Early Access playerbase), which means that in the full release it’ll be easier to place in matches with people in your area, reducing any lag from distance. I didn’t have any trouble at all with that during the CTT, but then again I live smack dab in the middle of NA.

(6). I don’t know that anyone outside of Early Access players has had time to master it yet, but from playing the CTT I can say it wasn’t hard to pick up if you’ve played any kind of FPS before.
(7). Communication is nice but not a huge deal; the bigger risk of playing with randoms is team composition. If you get people that are willing to pick a character that the team needs, you’ll be just fine. If you have a bunch of people that have that one character they want to play and will sacrifice the balance of roles to do so, you’ll be in a bad spot.

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Thnx 4 reply.

Well I played all Borderlands but PvP is something different than PvE which was main content in BL series. Certain “not so great” netcode/engine features which are acceptable in PvE cold raise big problems in a game with lot of PvP content.

I also hope that this game will be hard to master thus having large skill gap.

edit: text formatting, copy+paste did weird things to my text

As far as settings, mouse and keyboard support, etc. goes the game is definitely NOT lacking in those departments. The controls and interfaces feel very intuitive, and the PC version of the game runs very nicely overall. However, as totalbiscuit said in his videos (in my experience) the game does seem to have some kind of issue with alt-tabbing a lot causes FPS drop over time.

I myself haven’t experienced any kind of netcode issues, my internet is actually quite bad but I can usually play just fine. The worst that’s happened to me is a bit of desync, but that’s kinda bound to happen with my connection.

I’d say my only complaint for the PC version (I don’t know if it’s true for the other versions) is that at the beginning of every match, (including story missions) there’s awful framerate lag that lasts for about half a minute. It runs smoothly for me after that, though. I agree with @TheFunfighter in every other aspect here as well.

I think that’s more of an issue with DirectX than the game itself because I crashed Skyrim last night from alt-tabbing and that rarely happens.